“The questions written by Panzeri”. Thus the “clique” allegedly rigged the session of the European Parliament

Relations with the Minister of Labor in Doha, the tested system of alleged corruption, the background of the World Cup. There are many details that emerge from the minutes of the interrogation of Francesco Giorgi, Panzeri’s former right-hand man and Cozzolino’s assistant, now under arrest in Belgium. And as if that weren’t enough, the nightmare scenario is becoming more and more concrete. European democracy was not only “attacked” from outside, as repeated several times by the President of the European Parliament, Roberta Metsola. At the center of the investigators’ attention are the maneuvers inside the Strasbourg offices to clean up the image of the Qatar.

The speech prepared by the “clique”

The day ended up in the judges’ sights is one in particular: the November 14th of 2022, just over a month ago, when Ali Bin Samikh, Minister of Employment of Qatar, appears before the Human Rights Committee of the European Parliament. Subject of discussion: workers’ rights in Doha. The goal of the Emirate is only one: to convince MEPs of the great progress in the field of workers’ rights favored by the Gulf country’s government. It is on this occasion that, according to what emerges from the investigative documents reported by Republic, the farce would begin. European democracy in the hands of the wills of Panzeri and the useful MEPs remotely controlled puppets of the “clique”. To reveal the farce that took place on November 14 is Francesco Giorgiin a long face to face with the magistrate.

The speech of the Minister of Labor in Doha would have been written and prepared by Panzeri himself. The plan, promoted by the duo Panzeri – Giorgi seems studied in detail and by now tested to perfection. And it is Giorgi himself, in one of the interrogations before the magistrate, who reveals every little detail: “We had prepared the minister’s hearing – reads the record of his interrogation – Panzeri wrote it and I translated it”. The speech “it was about eight minutes long”. L’ubi consistam of the declarations of the minister of Doha was only one: “highlight the reforms undertaken by Qatar”.

The questions written by Panzeri

But not only. The former MEP of the Pd then moved to Article 1 would also have worked on the requests that some parliamentarians should have done to Minister Al Marri. “Alessandra Moretti, Andrea Cozzolino, Marc Tabarella” are the names mentioned by Giorgi, companion of Eva Kaili, former vice president of the European Parliament at the center of the scandal Qatargate. The part of the debate in the classroom was the most difficult to overcome but Panzeri’s interest, confirmed by his former assistant Giorgi “it was to bring the debate where we were interested and also prepare the questions in advance to bring the Qatari minister on a common path”. An affair which, if confirmed by the Belgian investigators, would dramatically widen the gray areas within our European democracy.

Pressed by the investigators, Giorgi would also have revealed the system of collaboration between the Italian-Belgian “clique” and the Qatari delegations. “Collaboration – explains Cozzolino’s assistant – it started at the beginning of 2019. We defined the amounts, on which I find it a bit difficult to remember, for our respective interventions”. But points out, “It was cash”.

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“The questions written by Panzeri”. Thus the “clique” allegedly rigged the session of the European Parliament

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