The real winner of the elections in Sweden is the far right

AGI – the final result of the political elections in Sweden it could only be defined in the middle of the week, when the votes of residents abroad will be counted. With 94% of the votes counted, the situation in fact it still hangs in the balance.

The Social Democrats of Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson they remain the first party with 30.5%, while on the right the Swedish Democrats, with 20.7%, snatch the leadership of the conservative bloc from the moderates, down to 19%. In the projection on the seats, the center-left, initially given an advantage, would currently count on 173 MPs out of 349, against the 176 assigned to the center-right.

The man who turned neo-Nazis into the key party

As leader of the far-right Sweden Democrats, Jimmie Akesson he transformed his party from “pariah” to heavyweight, whose support is now indispensable if the right-wing bloc is to rule after Sunday’s elections. The Democrats of Sweden, opposed to immigration, became the country’s second largest party in the legislative vote, collecting 20.7% with 94% of the polled electoral districts.

With his flawlessly combed brown hair, glasses and a well-groomed beard, the forty-three-year-old dressed casually looks like an average Swede. This is normal for those who, in 17 years, as party leader, have transformed a far-right movement, known as “Keep Sweden Swedish”, into a nationalist party with a flower as a logo.


Jimmie Akesson with girlfriend

Akesson is raised in a middle-class family with an entrepreneur father and a mother who worked as a nurse in Solvesborg, a city of 9,000 inhabitants in southern Sweden. It is there, in the small towns and farms of rural Scania, that SD has built his stronghold, amid concerns about the nearby city of Malmo, heavily populated by immigrants.

Akesson joined the Sweden Democrats in the 1990s after a disappointing teenage stint in the main right-wing party, the Conservative Moderates. After leaving Lund University, took over the leadership of the SD party in 2005when voter support was stably around 1%.

The party has undergone a profound renewal, replacing the blue and yellow flashlight logo with an anemone and vowing to get rid of its racist and violent roots. In 2012, you then announced a “zero tolerance” policy against racism.


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The real winner of the elections in Sweden is the far right

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