The serious mistake of Meloni on Orban. So we risk running out of money

Giorgia Meloni, in the last week of the election campaign, feels the goal ever closer and has already begun – they say and well informed – to look for the men to be placed in the fundamental boxes not only of the next government, but also of the subsidiaries. The work of ‘draghizzazione’ of FdIwith Meloni aligned with the outgoing Prime Minister on various issues (budget gap and sanctions against Russia in the first place) in opposition above all to Matteo Salvini, it is necessary to allay the fears of the European chancelleries about an upcoming Italian government that could be ‘misaligned’ with respect to the choices made by the EU and NATO with respect to the war in Ukraine.

For this reason, Meloni has stressed on every possible occasion the Atlantic loyalty of her party, the support for Ukraine and the consequent dispatch of weapons, the attention to the Italian public accounts where it gets in the way of requests for budget deviations and prudently blunt salvinane promises on the flat tax. A somewhat obligatory path in a historical moment in which world geopolitics is changing shape with respect to the order we are used to since the Second World War and from Yalta.

I stumble on Orban

A path that however saw the leader of FdI clamorously stumble on the EU vote compared to the Hungary of her iron ally Victor Orban. The report of the EU Parliament, last September 15, defined Viktor Orbán’s Hungary as a “hybrid regime of electoral autocracy” and denounced the “deliberate and systematic efforts of the Hungarian government” against EU values. “We defend the values ​​of the rule of law and protect the common European budget. The Hungarian authorities are called to respond with concrete corrective measures “, tweeted the EU Commissioner for the Economy, Paolo Gentiloni.

From that vote they took off right there Melons And Salvini, creating various concerns in European fora. “I don’t agree with Europe about Hungary”, but he rejects the risks of flattening towards those positions. “We must not push European countries towards Russia, but bring them towards us. I agree with a serious Europe. Orban will make the choices of him, but I don’t do what Orban says. I only do the Italian national interest “.

The PNRR problem

But the problem is not purely political, but also and above all economic in nature. Because the Commission, following the critical issues that emerged, has not yet given the green light to the Hungarian NRR due to irregularities linked to respect for the rule of law in the management of funds. If you don’t get a green light by the end of the year, Budapest will lose the funds of the Next Generation Eu. And the fear of an Italian alignment is that such a fate could also affect us, given that Meloni has spoken on more than one occasion also of corrective PNRR itself. And without those 209 billion that still owe us, of course, other than expensive bills and inflation: we would go straight upside down.

Because Meloni has her reasons when she says that sovereignty belongs to the people and that national interests must return to being central to the community architecture, but these are arguments that those with a strong economy and above all debt-free can afford. And in good evidence, this is certainly not the case in Italy. The degree of sovereignty, like it or not, is decided how much you are in debt and who lends you the money. Otherwise it is sovereignty in words, with which, however, one does not eat.

Berlusconi’s tear

He knows it well Silvio Berlusconiwhich in fact did not fail to unmark itself immediately after the vote of 15 September on the contrary, threatening to remove Forza Italia from the government if Meloni and Salvini were to move in a different direction from the pro-European and Atlantic one, where Orban is seen as Putin’s bridgehead in Europe, a sort of saboteur. EU Budget Commissioner Johannes Hahn explained that, despite the measures proposed by Hungary to address the shortcomings, the EU Commission recommends the suspension of funds because “at this stage there is still a risk to the budget, so we cannot conclude that the EU budget is sufficiently protected “. A risk that Italy cannot afford to take.

Decisive Italy

Also because the Italian position will probably be decisive in one sense or another. For the Commission’s proposal to go into effect, it is sufficient for at least 15 Member States representing 65% of the population to give the green light. For Orban it is therefore essential to build a so-called blocking minority, which is formed by bringing together at least four states that represent more than 35% of the European population. “Will the right stay with those who respect the rule of law or with Orban?” asked the undersecretary for EU affairs, Enzo Amendola, who today represents the Italian government at the General Affairs Council, the body that will have to take the decision.

And also Romano Prodi, former European commissioner, wanted to send a warning to Meloni: “Someone recklessly makes the comparison with regimes of the past, but here we are not marching on Rome, the problem of complete democracy is much more complex than in the past, it is a question of alliances, friendships, values. An electoral result is not sanctioned, behavior is sanctioned. Those of Orbàn go against the fundamental pillars of European rules, signed by all countries, on freedom of the press, treatment of minorities, justice. That Meloni does not see the risk of a marginalized Italy in Europe is worrying ”.

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The serious mistake of Meloni on Orban. So we risk running out of money

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