Three-year-old boy found naked in the street: he ran away from home while his father was playing video games

Kids and video games. A frequent combination, but which in this case overturns the increasingly growing dependence of the little ones on console or PC games: a baby only three years old, suffering from autism, was found by the police wandering alone in the street while his father, too busy playing a popular online game, did not notice that he had opened the door and walked away.

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Three-year-old boy runs away from home, his father doesn’t notice

The news was released by the child’s mother on Reddit, who turned to the social network to discuss the problem of her husband’s addiction to video games and how this has become a danger to her children. The woman, who lives in a rural area of ​​Florida, is the mother of two children, aged 3 and 7, both with autism. She works as a nurse, with 12-hour shifts a day, and since it wasn’t the first time the little one tried to leave the house, she had installed alarms on doors and windows to ward off the worst. But that wasn’t enough: the husband, immersed in his virtual world, didn’t even notice that they were playing when the child opened the door and went out.

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“My husband has a serious problem”

«My husband – reads the post published on Reddit by the woman – seems to prioritize his video games more than our children and this makes me angry. We are both gamers. Sometimes I play a little when I’m off work, from time to time, without overdoing it. But if this man is not at work he plays. It doesn’t matter if he has two children to look after, he will leave them in front of the TV and lock himself in his room to play. Anyone who puts their kids in danger over a video game has a serious problem, which is why I suggested they see a therapist.” The woman, who is considering filing for divorce, continued by recounting other shortcomings of her husband: she frequently forgets to pick up her child at the nursery and when she has to take care of the children’s meals, instead of cooking healthy food, she orders pizza or Chinese food at home.

The escape of the child and the arrival of the police

But the climax was reached with his son’s escape, which he didn’t even notice when the policemen rang at his door to give him back. The mother explained that she had put a bracelet on the child’s wrist, so when the officers found him wandering alone and naked in the street, they called her. She rushed home, and she found the baby still in the patrol car, as no one had opened the door. “I go in and what do I find? -she writes-My husband behind closed doors who plays League of Legends. I unplugged the internet and hid the router, and only then did it come out.” The man justified himself by saying that he had only started playing after putting the children to bed, but considering the risk run by the child – who could have been kidnapped, killed, run over – his wife told him to pack his bags and Leave. The woman, who she says is still in love and wants to try to save the marriage but not before a period of separation, has been advised to end the story with a man who is unable to take care of his children.

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Three-year-old boy found naked in the street: he ran away from home while his father was playing video games

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