Trump accused, attacks DeSantis. And the family splits on the candidacy

from Viviana Mazza, sent to Phoenix

The former US president against the governor of Florida: “An average politician, skilled in public relations”. And he claims to be the true proponent of the rival’s success

PHOENIX – While the counting of the midterm vote in Arizona and Nevada gives hope to democrats to be able to maintain control of the Senate net of ballot December in Georgia, Donald Trump attacks his
more formidable rival for the Republican nomination for the White House, Ron DeSantis
: “An average politician, skilled in public relations.” Not only does the former president claim to be the real one proponent of success of the governor of Florida, but he also uses his favorite theme (i fraud)claiming he “prevented DeSantis’ election from being stolen” in 2018. “I sent Fbi and prosecutorsIn a Florida county, he writes, “to prevent them.”

The candidates backed by Trump have failed in crucial challenges in Pennsylvania and Michigan, and now risk losing in
Arizonawhere Democratic Senator Mark Kelly progressively outdid rival Black Masters, and in Nevada
where the Democratic senator Catherine Cortez Masto he is just 9,000 votes down from the Republican Adam Laxalt, but the recovery is not excluded: the counting of votes arrived by mail is favoring her. The defeats of “denier” candidates (who repeat the mantra fraud) have shown the limits of the MAGA (Make America Great Again) movement, which unlike the Tea Party in Obama’s time it didn’t lead to the Republicans enthralling victories in the midterm (although they have prevailed in the Senate in Ohio and North Carolina, and in the House have passed deputies threatening the election of Kevin McCarthy as a speaker).

Most of the defeated he acknowledged the outcome of the vote, but it is not clear what he will do Kari Lake, the former Trumpian TV host and aspiring governor of Arizona, should it lose. Yesterday her Democratic rival Katie Hobbs was leading with 50.7% against 49.3% of the vote. The head of the electoral commission, the republican Bill Gatessaid he found it “offensive” that Lake accuses officials of slow down I purposely strip it. In this climate, Ron DeSantis’ triumph in Florida is driving Republican leaders, funders and activists to support his candidacy for the nomination for the White House: if he takes the field, he will probably wait until Mayafter the conclusion of the legislative session in his state, according to the «Wall Street Journal».

Trump recalled that even in 2016 the newspapers of Rupert Murdoch and the Fox who now “cheer for DeSanctimonious»(Nickname that plays on the word “Bigot”) supported other candidates but then came after him and remembers how he “knocked down” his rivals “one by one” in the primaries. The former president seems intent on to announce the descent on the field Tuesday in Floridain his residence in Mar-a-Lagowhere the wedding of the daughter Tiffanyalthough some very loyal ones (including former spokesman Kayleigh McEnany and the councilor Jason Miller) try to get him to wait the ballotta
day in Georgia, and despite daughter Ivanka with her husband Jared Kushner don’t seem thrilled with a new one election campaign.

November 12, 2022 (change November 12, 2022 | 02:17)

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Trump accused, attacks DeSantis. And the family splits on the candidacy

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