Trump runs again and attacks Biden: ‘with him on the brink of nuclear war’ – World

With a background of American flags and among the usual “Usa, Usa” chants, Donald Trump has officially announced his third re-nomination for the White House with a speech of about an hour in prime time in the evening, in the ballroom of his residence in Mar-a-Lago, crowded with ecstatic fans. Before he even started speaking, the speaker announced him as “the next president of the United States.”

“America’s Return Begins Today”, he began, before boasting of his successes and blaming Joe Biden for a country now “in decline, humiliated and derided on the international scene”, from the chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan to the conflict in Ukraine with which he brought the country “to the brink of nuclear war”. “Just today a missile was sent, probably from Russia, inside the border of Poland. People are mad and angry and we have a president who falls asleep at international summits,” he attacked. Biden replied in real time from the G20 in Bali with a dry tweet: “Donald Trump has ruined America”.

United States, Trump announces his re-nomination for the White House

The highlight it was when in the middle of his speech he solemnly announced his run in 2024, after having already submitted the documents to the federal electoral commission: “To make America great and glorious again, tonight I announce my candidacy for president of the United States”, he chanted to the cheers of the crowd, even though overall his whole message felt old, repetitive, obsessive. “Biden won’t have another four years,” he promised, assuring that “between now and election day I will fight like no one else before and we will defeat the radical democratic left that is trying to destroy our country from within.”

“This will not be my campaign, this will be your campaign”, continued the tycoon, relaunching his Maga movement, his slogan “America first” and the image of a new “golden age”. Trump boasted the successes of his presidency, glossing over the chaos of the pandemic and ignoring his “big lie” on the elections, which culminated in the attack on Congress.

He then pointed the finger at Biden for inflation, the migrant crisis and an invasion of Ukraine that “would not have happened” with him, promising to keep America “out of any war”. The tycoon also insisted on the success of his Midterm candidates with 232 victories and 22 defeats, omitting to say that the debacles occurred in key posts. And he portrayed himself as a “victim” of the investigations (from which he will try to protect himself by using re-nomination), and made fun of having the “record” of subpoenas, claiming to be more persecuted than Al Capone. You closed after 68 minutes by dating Melania, the only member on stage of a family divided over her candidacy.

Daughter Ivanka has already made it clear that this time she will give priority to the family and will not get involved in politics, supporting her father “from outside the political arena.” The Republican party was also divided, with the governor of Florida Ron DeSantis, his main potential rival, who attacked him shortly before the event accusing him, without naming him, of the GOP flop at Midterm. Rupert Murdoch also turns his back on him: the tycoon, according to the Guardian, warned him that his media empire will not support him in his attempt to return to the White House, preferring DeSantis. The New York Times, on the other hand, openly invites in an editorial to say “Enough” and to oppose the “attempt at political rebirth” of a president who has proved to be “inadequate” and “incompetent”.

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Trump runs again and attacks Biden: ‘with him on the brink of nuclear war’ – World

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