Turkey, HDP opposition goes to congress despite thousands of incarcerations and the risk of banning – Il Fatto Quotidiano

The one underway in Ankara could be the last congress of the People’s Democratic Party (Hdp), because after the imprisonment of leaders and militants, on the main body of opposition to the president’s government Recep Tayyip Erdogan a decision of the Constitutional Court which could soon decide on its definitive ban. The question has also been raised recently memorandum of understanding between the Turkish government and those of Finland and Swedenwith Ankara agreeing to lift the veto on the admission of the two Nordic countries to theAtlantic Allenaza in view of their commitment to deliver i Kurdish fighters hosted on their territories. A solution blessed by the NATO Secretary General, Jens Stoltenberg, mediator in the agreement. “We have always condemned Erdogan’s fascist regime, which the prime minister will visit in the coming days Mario Draghi. Not in our name Italy and the EU continue to be accomplices of the Turkish regime “, declared today the secretary of the Communist Refoundation Maurizio Acerboamong the few Italians present today at the HDP congress.

“We have an agreement for the entry of Sweden and Finland. The signed memorandum responds to Turkey’s concerns about the fight against terrorism and arms exports. No ally has suffered more than Turkey from brutal terrorist attacks, including those of the PKK “, Stoltenberg said at a press conference after the Atlantic Alliance summit in Madrid, which on the sidelines saw the summit between Turkey, Sweden and Finland. To convince Erdogan, hitherto opposed to the entry of the two countries into NATO, the availability of Helsinki And Stockholm to hand over the Kurdish fighters present on their territories, according to Ankara, all affiliated with the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) and therefore terrorists. The decision, which has sparked the international outrage of those who recognize the Kurds as the main victim of the Turkish regime, is on the agenda of the HDP congress, formation of the pro-Kurdish lefthome of socialist movements and of the rights claimed by LGBTQ, environmentalist and feminist groups.

“Erdogan can be defeated and again, as in previous years,” he told the newspaper the poster the representative of the HDP in Europe, Fayiz Yagizay. “We do not think that Sweden and Finland will hand over Turkish dissidents, writers, intellectuals to Turkey,” Yagizay explains in the interview, recalling that Stockholm and Helsinki have said that extraditions remain decisions in the hands of the judiciary. “Erdogan thinks that every state functions like Turkey where he decides and the courts obey,” she added. However, reiterating that the memorandum “it’s still a shame, an insult to us and a gift to Erdogan. What is more serious is the criminalization of the Kurdish movement and of every movement that democratically fights for freedom ”. Speaking of freedom, his party, gathered at the Ankara building for the national congress, sees 4000 militants imprisonedincluding 40 MPs and even co-presidents Selahattin Demirtas And Figen Yuksekdag.

“But despite the incarcerations there is no resignation”, they say Maurizio Acerbo And Anna Camposampiero of Rifondazione, present today in the Turkish capital to support the opposition to Erdogan. “Many comrades we met in February 2020 at the previous congress are not there today because in the meantime they are incarcerated as Leila Guven“, They say, reporting that the assembly has re-launched” the request for the release of political prisoners and the immediate cessation of isolation in the Imrali prison island of the president Abdullah Ocalan“. And in a note they write: “The HDP is the voice of coexistence between peoples and religions, of the libeation of women, of rights, the opposite of Erdogan’s reactionary and nationalist Islam which for years has used jihadist cutthroats to massacre the Kurdish people, in Turkey as in Syria. It is these women and men that the NATO countries, including Italy, continue to betray and stab in the back “. And again: “Reiterating as they did at the last summit that the PKK of Ocalan is a terrorist organization means legitimizing the repression of Erdogan and his criminal bombings against Kurdish self-government in Syria and Iraq”

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Turkey, HDP opposition goes to congress despite thousands of incarcerations and the risk of banning – Il Fatto Quotidiano

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