Ukraine, ‘armed Russians force to vote’. Kirill: ‘Enlist, if you die you will be with God’. Moscow admits ‘hysteria’ after mobilization – Il Fatto Quotidiano

Threats to citizens and armed groups to force people to vote. On the first day of the referendum wanted by Fly in the People’s Republics of Donetsk (RPD) e Lugansk (Rpl) and in the territories freed to join the Russia – with former Russian President Dmitri Medvedev declaring the “protection” of the vote “any Russian weapon, including strategic nuclear weapons” – the Ukrainian governor of Lugansk in exile, Serhii Haidaiwarns: “The Russian occupiers have organized armed groups to surround homes and force people to participate in the so-called” referendum “”, and “those who do not take part in the vote will be automatically fired from work”. Haidaispeaking to Guardianhe adds that “the authorities have banned the population local to leave the city between 23 and 27 September ”, ie the days in which the vote takes place.

At the close of urnsthe Kremlin spokesman said Dimitri Peskov“From the moment the self-proclaimed republics of the Donbass will join the Russia“Will come into force” the relevant provisions of the Constitution Russian“. Therefore any Ukrainian attacks will be considered “attacks on the country in accordance with the Russian Constitution”. The President of the Council of the Russian Federation guarantees the legitimacy of the referendums Valentina Matviyenkowho on the contrary declared that the consultations “are in conformity with international standards and the Charter of United Nations“, And that“ they will take place in such a way that no one will have reason to question the legitimacy. Residents of the Donetsk and Lugansk Republics and other liberated territories have this right, a right legal. And in the current situation it is the right to life, ”she said.

Meanwhile the Russia she is increasingly isolated: the foreign minister Sergei Lavrov he left the UN Security Council meeting on Ukraine after accusing Kiev and his Western allies of “impunity” in the Donbass, and he remained in the hall almost alone for the time to deliver his speech, leaving another Moscow official for the remainder of the meeting. It adds to the tensions the warning launched by Putin that the Russia it will use “all means at its disposal” to defend itself against a West who wants to “destroy it”. “It is false”, the President of the European Council replied today Charles Michel. “The Kremlin tries, I hope in vain, to mobilize the rest of the world against an imaginary enemy. Nobody threatened, attacked or invaded Russia. And no one in Europe wanted a conflict with Russia. What interest would we have in endangering the security and prosperity of all of us? ”.

The US Secretary of State at the Security Council Antony Blinken he denounced what he called “the reckless Russian nuclear threats”, accusing Putin of wanting to “tear the world order to pieces”. To which Lavrov responded by accusing in turn “the US and its allies” of being part of the conflict in Ukraine, which according to him “is becoming a totalitarian state of the Nazi type”. To then controversially leave the room immediately after speech. On the international diplomacy front, the China calls for a solution to the crisis through dialogue, and is ready to play a “constructive role” to mitigate the gravity of the situation. “We always maintain that the sovereignty and integrity of all countries must be respected, as well as the purposes and principles of the UN Charter, and the legitimate concerns of all on security”, reiterated the spokesman for the Foreign Ministry. Wang Wenbin. In the afternoon, however, the deputy secretary of the Russian National Security Council Alexander Venediktov seemed to want to lower the tension: “A nuclear war must never be fought, because there can be no winners“, He said at a conference on the 60th anniversary of the Cuban missile crisis. While the Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkovin a video message at the same event, he assures that “a clash with the US and NATO, which would risk an open military conflict, is not in our interests”.

Meanwhile, the Patriarch of Moscow and of all the Russias, Kirillurges the men of the Federation to mobilize launched by the president Vladimir Putininviting i faithful to “not be afraid of death”. “Go boldly to carry out your military duty. And remember that if you die for your country, you will be with God in his kingdom, glory and eternal life, ”he said. Instead, he pays the open sentence to the recruitment wanted by the Kremlin, Putin’s main opponent, Alexey Navalnydetained in Russia for political reasons, which he was sent to punishment cell for 12 days for openly taking sides during a hearing. Never Russians they continue to leave the country to escape enrollment: a response that prompted a response from Kremlinwho admitted that the first reaction was “hysterical and extremely emotional” because “in fact, there was a certain lack of information, which is also understandable and explainable “. Now, however, Peskov said, “there is no lack of information”. According to an estimate by the non-governmental organization Guide to the Free World about 70 thousand men have fled from Russia or who are devising an escape plan. Bbc reports long queues of Russian citizens on the border with Georgia to enter the country – even by bicycle – while there Finnish border guard announced that nearly six thousand Russians arrived in the country yesterday compared to 5 thousand on Wednesday. Compared to countries close to the Federation, traffic on the Finnish border is limited by the fact that Russians need a visa to enter the country. But, according to the Finnish newspaper Helsingin Sanomateven if to escape from Russia were a hundred thousand or more, it would be only a small fraction of the men under forty in the Federation: in fact, there are about 20 million Russian men between the ages of 20 and 39.

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Ukraine, ‘armed Russians force to vote’. Kirill: ‘Enlist, if you die you will be with God’. Moscow admits ‘hysteria’ after mobilization – Il Fatto Quotidiano

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