Ukraine, Erdogan: ‘No to Finland and Sweden in NATO’. Moscow: ‘At the moment a Putin-Zelensky meeting is impossible’ – World

The accession of Finland and Sweden at NATO it would be ‘a mistake’ like that of Greece’s entry into the Atlantic Alliance, the Turkish president said Erdogan. ‘I do not want the same mistake made with the accession of Greece to be repeated,’ the Kurdistan Workers’ Party said, accusing Stockholm and Helsinki of ‘hosting PKK terrorists’:’ We do not have a positive opinion ‘. insisted.
The Russian president Vladimir Putin and members of the Russian Security Council discussed the military operation in Ukraine and the potential threats posed by Finland and Sweden’s decision to join NATO. This was stated by the spokesman of the Kremlin Dmitry Peskov.
Human Rights Commissioner of the Ukrainian Parliament, Lyudmyla Denisova, said that more than 210,000 Ukrainian children they were deported against their will by the Russians. They were among the 1.2 million Ukrainians that Kiev claims were forcibly taken from their country. Speaking on national TV, Denisova said that “when our children are deported, national identity is destroyed and our country is deprived of the future”. Denisova has provided no evidence to support these figures. The Guardian, which reports on the news, adds that it could not be independently verified.

Michel: ‘From Moscow he threatens global security’

PUTIN-ZELENSKY – “There is no progress in drafting a possible document that Putin and Zelensky can sign. Russia is not against a meeting between the two presidents but it is impossible to hold it without adequate preparation”. This was stated by the spokesman of the Kremlin Dmitri Peskov quoted by the TASS.

Telephone conversation between Russian President Vladimir Putin and German Chancellor Scholz. This was reported by the Kremlin, according to which the two spoke of the evacuation of civilians from the Azovstal steel plant in Mariupol. Putin – according to reports from the Kremlin quoted by TASS – said that discussions between Russia and Ukraine have been “blocked” by Kiev and denounced “the serious violations of international law by Ukrainian neo-Nazis”. The Russian and German leaders also agreed to continue discussions on Ukraine “through various channels”.

THE POPE – “In striking contrast” with the prospect of being “at the service of encounter and brotherhood” are “the cases in which aviation is used as an instrument of offense, of destruction, of death”. Thus the Pope to the National Agency for Civil Aviation. “Unfortunately, we are also seeing it in this terrible war in Ukraine, marked daily by aerial bombardments. Faced with this bleak scenario, the hope that the skies are always and only skies of peace, that we can fly in peace to forge and consolidate relationships of friendship and peace. Aviation is friendship, it is encounter! “.

Ukraine, the resistance of the Azov battalion

DIFFICULTIES OF DIPLOMACY – “In their desire to strangle Russia, Western powers are ready for anything, including resurrecting Nazism“: this was stated by the Permanent Mission of the Russian Federation to the United Nations in Geneva in a statement reported by Tass. Yesterday the UN human rights council voted with a large majority in favor of opening an investigation into the alleged serious violations committed by Russian forces in Ukraine, thus helping to strengthen diplomatic pressure on Moscow. In particular, the Council approved with 33 votes in favor of two the draft resolution presented by Ukraine to initiate an investigation into alleged violations committed by the Russian army in the Kiev, Chernihiv, Kharkiv and Sumy regions between the end of February and March.
According to the mission, “the anti-Russian hysteria, unleashed by Westerners, has nothing to do with genuine concern for the fate of Ukraine itself and its people”.
“In their maniacal desire to strangle Russia, they are ready for anything, to the point of reviving Nazism in its ugliest manifestations,” the diplomatic mission said in a statement. Russian diplomats also considered the decision “another use of the Human Rights Council in the interest of a small group of states”.

Right now “Global security is threatened. Russia, a nuclear state and permanent member of the UN Security Council, is attacking the sovereign nation of Ukraine, making shameful and unacceptable references to the use of nuclear weapons.”. The president of the European council said so Charles Michel during his visit to Hiroshima. “This is not only shaking the security of Europe, it is dangerously raising the stakes for the whole world,” she added in a video of her speech posted on Twitter.

The moment when a missile hits the Odessa mall

NEWS FROM THE FRONT – Moscow is withdrawing its soldiers from the surroundings of Kharkiv, the second largest city in Ukraine, where it is losing ground. The New York Times writes, citing Ukrainian and Western officials, highlighting that this is the second largest Russian setback since the withdrawal from Kiev last month. According to officials, the Kremlin should probably redirect troops to the south-east, where it is strengthening its presence in Izium, a city two hours from Kiev, captured a month ago, at the gates of the Donbass.

Explosions were heard in Kiev. Ukraina 24 reports it on Telegram.

Kiev said it had damaged a Russian logistical support ship near Snake Island in the Black Sea. The Guardian reports it. “Thanks to the actions of our sailors, the support ship Vsevolod Bobrov caught fire, it is one of the newest vessels in the Russian fleet,” explained a spokesman for the Odessa Regional Military Administration Serhiy Bratchuk. The news had circulated yesterday, but was still unconfirmed. Meanwhile, new satellite images provided by the American company Maxar show, still near the island of the Snakes, a Russian Serna-class landing ship avoiding an attempted Ukrainian missile attack. In the images, taken yesterday, you can see the plume of smoke from the missile falling close to the ship and the boat making a tight turn to avoid it. In another image, released by CNN, we see, near the island, a barge next to a sunken ship, which Maxar always identifies as a Serna-class landing ship. It is not clear how the ship sank, CNN writes, but last Saturday the spokesperson for the Odessa regional administration announced that a Russian Serna-class landing ship would be hit and destroyed by Ukrainian units in the waters of the Black Sea. near the island.

THE FINLAND QUESTION – There is no plan to stop gas supplies to Finland starting today: the news circulated in the Finnish media is “another hoax”: the Kremlin announced today, according to reports from Tass. The Finnish newspaper Iltalehti wrote yesterday that Moscow could cut gas supplies to Finland from today following the announced intention of the Scandinavian country to join NATO.

Russian President Vladimir Putin and members of the Russian Security Council discussed the military operation in Ukraine and the potential threats posed by Finland and Sweden’s decision to join NATO. This was stated by Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov, according to reports from Interfax.

The accession of Finland and Sweden to NATO would be a “mistake” like that of Greece’s entry into the Atlantic Alliance: the Turkish president said so Recep Tayyip Erdogan. The Turkish leader told reporters that “he does not want the same mistake made with the accession of Greece”, accusing Stockholm and Helsinki “of hosting terrorists of the PKK”, the Kurdistan Workers’ Party. “We don’t have a positive opinion,” Erdogan insisted.

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Ukraine, Erdogan: ‘No to Finland and Sweden in NATO’. Moscow: ‘At the moment a Putin-Zelensky meeting is impossible’ – World

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