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A chamber of horrors in Balakliya, the bodies of four civilians with signs of torture in Zaliznychne, crudely buried and found only thanks to the neighbors, at least a thousand victims of bombs and hardships in Izyum, where 80% of the buildings are destroyed. As Ukrainian forces regain control of the eastern Kharkiv region following the flight of Russian troops, traces of months of abuse and devastation emerge. To denounce the discovery of a “torture chamber” in Balakliya was Maryana Bezugla, deputy of the People’s Servant party of President Volodymyr Zelensky, who arrived on the spot in the wake of the army.

In his photos posted on Facebook you can see a dismal basement where a chair with a hammer, duct tape and used gloves was abandoned. In another room, “traces of blood”. The fear is that it is only the first of many new Buchas. In Zaliznychne, another “liberated” village in the oblast, the Kiev prosecutor’s office has announced the discovery of three bodies buried in the gardens of their homes and a fourth near an asphalt factory, all with signs of torture, which will come now undergoing autopsy.

Ukraine, the city of Chkalovske (Kharkiv region) liberated

A death trail that the Moscow army continues to leave behind even after the retreat. In the last few hours, a barrage of bombing has hit several regions, from the east to the southern front of Kherson, with at least 4 other civilian victims in the east. But the prime target of what for the Ukrainians is a “cowardly revenge” seems to be Kharkiv itself, which has become the symbol of the Russian defeat. After the raid on the largest thermoelectric plant in the city, which left tens of thousands of people in the dark on Sunday evening, other blackouts continued throughout the day.

Meanwhile, after advancing to some border crossing points with Russia, Ukrainian forces continue their counter-offensive in the east, announcing the recapture of over 20 settlements in 24 hours. The Russians also reported a raid on their territory in Belgorod, with one dead and four injured.

Since the start of the counter-offensives in several Ukrainian regions, especially the eastern ones, Kiev’s forces have taken back almost 6,000 square kilometers of territory from the Russians, Ukrainian Deputy Defense Minister Hanna Malyar said in the evening, quoted by UNIAN.

In the south, in the Kherson region, the General Staff has meanwhile begun to confirm the first strategic successes, with approximately 500 square kilometers of territory taken up again. Defeats that convinced Putin to oust the commander of the Western Military District, Roman Berdnikov, who had been appointed for just a couple of weeks. Moscow explains that no new units are expected to be sent at the moment. Reinforcements were entrusted to the irregular Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov, who announced the return of his fearsome elite special units and threatened to warn of a “surprise” in sight for the enemy forces. Despite the heavy defeats on the ground, the Kremlin does not take steps backwards and closes any negotiation hypothesis, warning that the “special military operation” will go on “until all objectives are achieved”.

Former President Dmitri Medvedev has mentioned as the only possibility “the total capitulation of the Kiev regime under Russian conditions”. For his part, Zelensky, on the strength of the reversal of fortunes on the ground, replied that negotiations will only be possible after the “complete liberation of the occupied Ukrainian territories”. Even on the crisis at the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant, where new explosions were recorded, Moscow officially leaves no room for the request for withdrawal of troops advanced to Vladimir Putin by Emmanuel Macron. But the director general of the IAEA Rafael Grossi expressed confidence in the consultations launched for the creation of a safety zone. “I have seen signs that” both sides “are interested in a deal,” he said, explaining that at this stage “they cooperate with us and ask questions, many questions.”

Ukraine, pictures of a Russian air strike in the Kharkiv region

The Chechen special forces of the Akhmat regiment “occupy all the strategic positions in the Zaporizhzhia region”: the Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov writes on Telegram quoted by the Russian media, who returns to praise the combat skills of his militiamen remembering the battle of Mariupol. According to Russian media in this region, where the largest nuclear power plant in Europe is located, a large-scale offensive by Kiev is planned.

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Ukraine, Kiev still advances, ‘torture in liberated villages’ – World

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