Ukraine, Lukashenko admits: “This war has been dragging on for too long” – Open

The president of Belarus Aleksandr Lukashenko spoke to the microphones of Associated Press. In a long 90-minute interview, held in the Independence Palace in Minsk, residence of the Belarusian number one, Lukashenko defended the Russian invasion of Ukraine, saying that Moscow was forced to act, because it was “provoked by Kiev”. But he also stressed several times that he had the impression that “the war has dragged on for too long”. Unlike Putin, who has always called the invasion a special operation, Lukashenko has chosen to use the word “war”. “I have this feeling, but I’m not so involved in the matter that I can tell if things are going according to plan, as the Russians say,” admitted Lukashenko. Since the war began on February 24, Minsk has repeatedly allowed Russian troops to cross the Belarusian border, facilitating the invasion of Ukrainian territory from the north. On the other hand, the president, Russia’s only avowed ally, during the interview addresses Putin as his “elder brother”, who has “no closer, more open or more friendly relations with any of the world leaders than he has. with the president of Belarus ».

Against “war”, in favor of “peace”

Lukashenko, however, continues to say that he is in favor of peace: “We categorically reject any war. We have done and are doing everything so that there is no war, ”he said, taking credit for the start of the (wrecked) negotiations between Russia and Ukraine, whose delegations, during the first meetings, were hosted in Minsk. And he did not spare the criticism, but without ever giving too much away: «Using nuclear weapons in Ukraine would be unacceptable. Not only because it is right next to us, it is not overseas like the United States, – he said – but also because it could throw our Earth ball out of orbit, to float who knows where. But whether Russia is capable of this or not, I don’t know, you have to ask Putin ”.

Criticism of NATO and the USA

Tougher words against the Born and the US, blamed for being too interventionist and unnecessarily fueling the conflict. «Today it is not Zelensky to lead Ukraine. It would all be over in a week, if Joe Biden wanted it. But the US wants to seize the moment, bind its allies to itself and sink Russia with the war in Ukraine. Their goal is to fix Russia and then China, ”she said. And, with regard to the military exercises launched in recent days on Belarusian territory, he reiterated their harmlessness: «We are not threatening anyone and we will not. Also because we cannot threaten: we know who is opposed to us, so unleashing some kind of conflict or war is absolutely not in the interest of the Belarusian state. The West can sleep peacefully ”.

Cover photo: President of Belarus Aleksandr Lukashenko (EPA / MIKHAIL KLIMENTYEV / KREMLIN POOL / SPUTNIK MANDATORY CREDIT)

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Ukraine, Lukashenko admits: “This war has been dragging on for too long” – Open

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