Ukraine, Moscow’s control of Kiev’s mineral resources. 13 trillion dollars of energy deposits in Putin’s hands – Il Fatto Quotidiano

In Ukraine, there is a parallel war to the one being fought on battlefield and that – like that gun in hand – is particularly wearing. Since last February 24in fact, the clash between Moscow and Kiev also took place on the energy level with the gas crisis that was triggered following the imposition of sanctions against the invader and which holds the whole international community. Not just gas and oil, though. To worry the Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky it is also the control by the Russians of most of the country’s mineral resources. Two thirds of the mineral deposits which are located in the south and east of the country – regions occupied by Moscow -, in fact, are under cRussian ontrol. To denounce it is the Canadian company that deals with risk analysis SecDev that from the pages of the Washington Post raises the alarm: nearly 13 trillion dollars of energy deposits, Ukraine’s metals and minerals are now under Russian control. According to what is stated in the pages of the American newspaper, therefore, Moscow is depriving Kiev of a strategic sector for the survival of the country. In addition to 63% of the country’s coal fields, Moscow has seized 11% of its oil fields, 20% of its natural gas fields, 42% of its metals and 33% of its rare earth fields. and other minerals including lithium. According to SecDevin fact, since the invasion began in February, Moscow has taken control of 41 coal fields, 27 natural gas sites, 14 propane sites, nine oil fields, six iron ore fields, two titanium sites , two zirconium sites, a strontium site, a lithium site, a uranium site, a gold deposit and a major limestone quarry previously used for Ukrainian steel production. A similar situation has already occurred with the war in Donbass in 2014, when losing control of the coal fields in these regions, Kiev she had been forced to start importing the ore. In fact, in 2021, coal imports amounted to almost 40% of consumption of Ukraine.

The strategic annihilation of Ukraine The ratings onimpact of war on energy resources and consequently on Ukraine’s industry is still ongoing, but the situation of conflict and instability has inevitable consequences on investments foreigners in the country. The case of the Polish-Ukrainian investment firm Millestone & Co is an example of this. As reported by the Washington Post, in fact, in 2021 the half-Polish, half-Ukrainian company signed an agreement with an Australian mining company for the active exploration of two lithium-mineral sites used, among other things, for the batteries of the electric cars – just discovered. Once the Russian invasion ofUkraine, the companies had to stop investments. One of the lithium sites covered by the agreement, in fact, is now located a few kilometers away from the front line and it is not even known whether it is under Russian or Ukrainian control.

Russia’s strategy, therefore, is clear: to win the war not on the war level – given the strenuous and tireless resistance of the Ukrainian army – but on the energy level. Moscow, therefore, aims to annihilate Kiev economically, so as to stop any ambition for resistance. Most of the Ukrainian oil and gas reserves are still under the control of Kiev, but the expansion of Russia and the control of the mineral deposits located in the occupied areas, not only jeopardize the future of the economy and Ukrainian industry but also that of Europe, which now urgently needs to rapidly become independent from the energy point of view Russia. Moscow’s control over Ukraine’s major mineral resources – as the Washington Post argues – is an important one “Tactical setback”. “The Russian occupation of the Ukrainian territory has direct implications for the Western energy security, said Robert Muggah, co-founder of SecDev interviewed by the Post. “Unless Europeans can quickly diversify the sources of Petroleum And gaswill remain strongly pending on Russian hydrocarbons ”.

A possible way out The situation is critical, but not all evil comes to harm. In the future, theUkraine can come out of the quagmire in which Fly he relegated it by speeding up the process of modernization of its energy network and strengthening the sector of renewable energies. Difficult to accomplish at this time when nearly half of its renewable energy plants, including89% of its wind farmsare found in seized territories or areas of conflict.

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Ukraine, Moscow’s control of Kiev’s mineral resources. 13 trillion dollars of energy deposits in Putin’s hands – Il Fatto Quotidiano

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