Ukraine – Russia, news from the war today. Kiev, “Azovstal mission completed”. 264 soldiers evacuated, 53 wounded. Other fighters still inside. Explosions in the night in Lviv,

Soldiers removed from the steel plant for several weeks bombed by the Russians. Turkey’s stance towards Sweden and Finland who want to join the Alliance, while Moscow considers entry a threat. Lukashenko, “united with Russia against Western pressure”. Putin: “In Ukraine we have evidence on the creation of biological weapons by the US”.

War Ukraine – Russia, beyond the live: what you need to know today

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8.10 Ukraine, “exchange” between Azovastal soldiers and Russian prisoners

The Ukrainian Defense Ministry explained that further “exchange procedures” will take place in the next few hours, a formula that suggests that the evacuation of Mariupol’s defenders, mostly soldiers of the 36th Marine Infantry Brigade and fighters of the Azov regiment, took place in exchange for the surrender of Russian prisoners.
“As for the defenders who still remain in the territory of Azovstal, all necessary relief measures are taken by the state “, says the ministry in a message on Telegram,” thanks to the defenders of Mariupol, Ukraine has had vital time to accumulate reserves, reorganize and mobilize forces and receive assistance from allies ” The Kiev army, in a statement posted on Facebook, said the steel plant’s resistance delayed the deployment of 20,000 troops to other areas of Ukraine and prevented Moscow from swiftly taking over the city of Zaporizhzhia.

07:20 Gb: Moscow increases use of indiscriminate bombing

Moscow’s armed forces “are increasingly relying on indiscriminate artillery bombardments, probably due to limited target acquisition and reluctance to risk flying fighter planes consistently over their own lines.” This is what we read in the latest British military intelligence bulletin.

06.27 Kiev intensifies efforts to save the last defenders from Azovstal

Ukrainian officials say fighters who stubbornly defended the Azofstal steel mill in the ruined city of Mariupol have completed their mission and efforts are underway to rescue the last remaining defenders inside the plant. News that the mission was completed came Monday after more than 260 fighters, including some seriously injured, were evacuated and taken to areas under Russian control. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said the evacuation into the separatist-controlled territory was carried out to save the lives of fighters from the Azovstal steel plant. An unknown number of defenders remained waiting for more help. Zelenskyy says the work to get them home takes “delicacy and time”.

06.01 The whole Kiev region regains access to water

All communities in the Kiev region have regained access to water. This was announced by local authorities, cited by the Kyiv Independent.
Only some houses in Hostomel are without water due to a lack of electricity, explains the head of the regional military administration Oleksandr Pavliuk.

03.58 Unicef, because of the war 600 thousand children will suffer from hunger

The recent rise in food prices is creating a severe crisis of child malnutrition, increasing the number of starving children and making the most effective treatments very expensive, UNICEF warned today. According to UNICEF, extreme malnutrition was already on the rise, but the situation has been aggravated by the war in Ukraine and the serious consequences it is having on food security, given that both Ukraine and Russia are among the world’s largest producers of cereals and several poor countries are particularly dependent on these imports. In addition to the increase in hunger, the current situation will lead to an increase in the price of therapeutic ready-to-eat foods, the products commonly used to respond to emergency situations.

The cost of these treatments – a high-nutrient paste packaged in small bags – will increase by 16% over the next six months, according to projections by UNICEF, the world’s largest distributor. The agency warns that if funding is not expanded, some 600,000 children may not have access to such treatments. “For millions of children every year, these therapeutic paste sachets make the difference between life and death,” Catherine Russell, executive director of the UN agency for children, said in a statement. In total, an estimated 45 million children under the age of five suffer from wasting, a potentially fatal form of severe malnutrition that is responsible for one in five deaths in this age group. India, Indonesia and Pakistan are the countries with the largest number of children affected by this problem, which is also increasing in countries such as Afghanistan. Drought in the Horn of Africa is also contributing to a significant increase in the problem in that region, while the Sahel has seen a significant deterioration in recent years.

01.15 Media: Massive missile attack on Lviv

The city of Lviv in western Ukraine, about 70 km from the border with Poland, has been under the most massive missile attack since the beginning of the Russian invasion. The Ukrainian media reports. The mayor of Lviv, Andriy Sadovy, said that there are no confirmed reports of missiles hitting the city but invites all the inhabitants to stay under cover: “We thank those who keep our skies safe! In the morning we will give more accurate information. Take care of yourself and do not ignore the anti-aircraft alarms “, he said to his fellow citizens in a message spread on social media.

00.15 Donestk authorities, Russians killed 9 civilians

The Russian army killed 9 civilians and wounded 6 more in Donetsk Oblast today. This was stated by Governor Pavlo Kyrylenko, according to Kyiv Indipendent.

00.41 Mayor, explosions in Lviv

Explosions were heard in Lviv in the early hours of today. This was announced by the mayor of the Ukrainian city Andriy Sadovy, quoted by the Kyiv Independent.

00.05 Zelensky, diplomatic activity continues in other areas

After the negotiations that led to the beginning of the evacuation of Ukrainian soldiers from the Azovstal steel plant in Mariupol, Kiev continues “the maximum diplomatic activity in other areas, in the interest of the country”. This was stated by President Volodymyr Zelensky, quoted by the Ukrinform agency, in a speech to the nation. “The work continues – said the president -. This work requires delicacy, and time”.


23.43 of 16/5 – Zelensky: “We need heroes alive”

“Thanks to the work of the military of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, intelligence, the negotiating team, the International Committee of the Red Cross, and the UN. We hope to be able to preserve the lives of our children. Among them are seriously injured. . Help is being provided to them. I want to emphasize that Ukrainian heroes serve Ukraine alive. The operation to get our soldiers home has begun. It is a job that requires delicacy and time “. To say this on Telegram is the Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky speaking of the defenders of Mariupol. His message comes after the Kiev Ministry of Defense confirmed the start of the evacuation of soldiers barricaded in the Azovstal steel plant in Mariupol.

23.25 of 16/5 – Kiev: 264 soldiers evacuated from Azovstal

Ukraine confirmed the evacuation of 264 soldiers from the Azovstal steel plant in Mariupol. These are 53 wounded soldiers, taken to Novoazovsk, and 211 other fighters brought to Olenivka, in the territory controlled by the pro-Russian separatists of Donetsk. The latter were then brought back to areas in the hands of Ukrainian forces as part of a prisoner exchange. This was reported by the General Staff of Kiev on Facebook.

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Ukraine – Russia, news from the war today. Kiev, “Azovstal mission completed”. 264 soldiers evacuated, 53 wounded. Other fighters still inside. Explosions in the night in Lviv,

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