Ukraine – Russia, news from the war today. Moscow: Uraine attack on Kherson. Duma President: “Confiscating companies from hostile countries”

A school and a kindergarten were hit by Ukrainian artillery in Kherson. This was denounced by the Russian Defense Ministry which points the finger at the “Ukrainian nationalists” in the region. The Kiev Ministry of Infrastructure asks for the ports of the occupied cities. Odessa still under attack, bombing on Kharkiv, violent fighting in Lugansk, Mariupol on the brink. The conflict in Ukraine knows no respite. There seems to be no room for diplomacy: Moscow uses bellicose tones which, according to some, are a prelude to the announcement of “total war”. And as the “war of words” between Russia on the one hand, the United States and its allies on the other continues unabated, the Ukrainian government reiterates that the only way to restore peace is to restore Kiev’s sovereignty over the whole territory of the country. And President Zelensky addresses the Russian soldiers: “Don’t fight”.


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09.13 Mariupol: “The victims of the Russian attack are twice as many as the Nazis”

The Russian army killed twice as many people in Mariupol as were killed by the Nazis during World War II: Mayor Vadym Boychenko said in a note published on Telegram by the Ukrainian city council. “In the space of two years, the Nazis killed about 10 thousand civilians in Mariupol. The Russian occupiers killed 20 thousand in two months. Over 40 thousand people were forcibly displaced,” said the mayor, quoted by the Council. “It is one of the worst genocides of a peaceful population in modern history,” he adds.

08.27 President of the Duma: confiscating companies from non-friendly nations

Vyacheslav Volodin, president of the Russian State Duma, the lower house of parliament, returns to attack unfriendly nations, “such as the Baltic nations, Poland and the United States itself”. “Russia should respond symmetrically to the freezing of Russian assets by some” hostile countries – he wrote in a post on social media – it is right to take mirror measures against companies in Russia whose owners come from hostile countries, where such measures have been taken: to confiscate these assets “.

08.14 Nancy Pelosi met Zelensky in Kiev

Nancy Pelosi, speaker of the US House of Representatives, is in Kiev, where she met Zelensky. You made it known by the Ukrainian president on Twitter by publishing a video of the meeting, which was also attended by some American deputies. “This visit is to thank you for your battle for freedom. Your battle is for everyone. Our commitment is to be here until the battle is over,” said Pelosi. “The US is a leader in strong support for the fight against Russian aggression – commented Zelensky – thanks for helping to protect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of our state”.

08.01 Strategic Kherson, the ruble enters into circulation from today

The pro-Russian administration of Kherson, the only Ukrainian capital conquered by Moscow, has defined a return of the city under the control of Kiev “impossible”. This is underlined by the latest British military intelligence bulletin, according to which from today the ruble will enter into circulation in the region, where the internet connection and mobile phone services have been out of order for a few hours. The currency transition is expected to take effect in four months. “These statements are probably indicative of the Russian intent to exert strong political and economic influence in Kherson in the long run,” argue the London 007 who add: “A lasting control of Kherson and its transport network will increase Russia’s ability to support his advance to the North and West and will improve the security of Russian control over Crimea. “

07.05 Zelensky: sanctions on those who help Moscow sell oil

Ukraine is in dialogue with its allies for further sanctions against Russia. President Zelensky said he expected a decision on oil restrictions soon. “If a company or a state helps Russia trade oil, it also faces sanctions,” he added.

06.40 Kiev closes the ports of the occupied cities

The Ukrainian Ministry of Infrastructure has issued an order to close the ports of Berdiansk, Mariupol, Kherson and Skadovsk “until control is restored” over these cities. This was reported by Ukrinform citing a statement published on the website of the Ukrainian Council of Ministers.

05.12 Gb: Russian troll factory spreads disinformation

Russia is using a troll factory to spread disinformation about the war in Ukraine on social media, targeting politicians from numerous countries, including Great Britain and South Africa. This was stated by the UK’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, according to Reuters reports on its website.

04.30 Moscow: Ukrainian attack killed civilians in Kherson

The Russian defense ministry said it had evidence of “a deadly attack by Ukrainian nationalists, which targeted a school and kindergarten in the Kherson region, with civilians killed and injured”. “The Ukrainian armed forces bombed the liberated territories of Kiselevka and Shirokaya Balka in the Kherson region. The fire of Ukrainian nationalists targeted purely civilian structures. A school and kindergarten in the Kiselevka settlement were bombed,” he said. the ministry said, posting a video of the aftermath of the attack.

Threat to Europe from Russian TV: “It takes 106 seconds to destroy Berlin, we would make a clean sweep”

03.21 US diplomats will soon return to Kiev

The US embassy in Ukraine will soon return to Kiev. This was assured by the US Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken, to the Ukrainian Foreign Minister Kuleba. Blinken, a statement from the State Department read, provided Kuleba “with an update on the plans for the return of US diplomats to Ukraine, including the first visits to Lviv this week and the intention to return to Kiev as soon as possible” .

02.35 Kuleba: “Peace only with restored sovereignty”

The only way to restore peace to Ukraine is to restore Kiev’s sovereignty over the entire territory of the country. This was stated by Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba in an interview with Xinhua, of which Tass reports. “The only way to ensure long-term order and stability in Ukraine is to restore sovereignty over its entire territory within internationally recognized borders,” he said.

02.08 Zelensky: 23,000 Russian soldiers dead

Since the start of the Russian invasion, 23,000 Russian soldiers have died in Ukraine, according to Ukrainian President Zelensky. In addition, more than 1,000 Russian tanks and nearly 2,500 other military vehicles were destroyed, he said in his usual evening video, pointing out that it is difficult to calculate the true extent of the losses. Moscow has previously admitted that more than a thousand Russians have been killed since the war began on February 24 and estimates the number of Ukrainian fighters killed to be over 23,000.

02.02 Blinken hears Kuleba: Usa alongside Kiev

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken: “I spoke with Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba. I highlighted the latest steps by the United States in support of Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity in the face of the brutal Kremlin war” .

01.43 Denmark sends armored vehicles and mortars to Kiev

Denmark will send 25 armored personnel carriers Piranha III, heavy M10 mortars and thousands of shells to the Ukrainian armed forces, reports the Danish Olfi, quoted by Ukrinform.

01.30 Internet and cell phones out of order in Kherson

In the Kherson region, mobile and Internet communications of all telephone operators are interrupted. One of Vodafone’s top experts in the area told authorities that it was not an accident. The reports on Kyv independent. Serhiy Khlan, a deputy from the Kherson Regional Council, said the reason for the disruption was still unknown although the problem had already arisen a month ago.

Ukraine, Zelensky: “Ready to talk to Putin despite the atrocities committed”

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01.14 Zelensky to the Russian soldiers: do not fight

In his usual night video, this time Zelensky addressed Russian soldiers to ask them not to fight in Ukraine. The Kiev leader said Putin’s armed forces are recruiting men “with little motivation and little combat experience” and military leaders know that thousands of them will die and thousands will be injured. “The Russian commanders – he continued – are lying to their soldiers when they tell them that refusing to fight is a grave fault and they do not say, for example, that the army is preparing other refrigerated trucks to be used for the corpses. new losses that the generals foresee “. And then: “Any Russian soldier can still save himself. It is better for you to survive in Russia than to die in our land.”

00.35 Zelensky: “Occupied cities will be liberated”

The cities occupied by the Russians will be liberated, although “there is still a lot of work to be done”. Ukrainian President Zelensky assured this in a message on Telegram. “The occupiers are still on our land and still do not recognize the apparent failure of their so-called operation. We still have to fight and direct all efforts to oust the occupiers. And we will. Ukraine will be free,” Zelensky wrote, “Kherson. , Nova Kakhovka, Melitopol, Berdyansk, Dniprorudne and all other temporarily occupied cities and communities where the occupiers now pretend to be ‘masters’ will be liberated. The Ukrainian flag will rightfully return to where it should be. And it will be a return to normal life , which Russia is simply unable to supply even on its own territory “.

00.03 Kiev asks China to act as a guarantor for security

Ukraine has asked China to join the group of countries that should act as guarantors to end the war. The Guardian reports it. In March, the hypothesis was circulating that the permanent members of the UN Security Council could be part of the group of security guarantors of the Ukraine, and therefore also China, as well as other countries.

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Ukraine – Russia, news from the war today. Moscow: Uraine attack on Kherson. Duma President: “Confiscating companies from hostile countries”

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