Ukraine – Russia, news from the war today: Putin announces the partial mobilization of Russia. “The West wants to destroy us”

The postponement of Putin’s speech, which according to the previews would concern the referendum for annexation to Russia of occupied territories in the Donbass and in the South of Ukraine, has created great anticipation and inevitably triggered a series of speculations and attempts at interpretation on what is happening in the Kremlin in these hours. According to Russian media, the leader should finally speak in the morning. Turkish President Erdogan in an interview said he was convinced that President Putin “is willing to end the war as soon as possible”, but in Moscow the Duma has just voted tougher penalties against draft dodgers. According to some analysts, Putin’s speech could serve precisely to announce a partial mobilization in the light of the Ukrainian counter-offensive and the consequent retreat of theRussian army in troublereports the website of the Guardian. Meanwhile, the EU high representative for foreign policy, Josep Borrell, threatens new sanctions against Moscow in response to “illegal referendums” that violate “the independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine in flagrant violation of international law”. Online the speech by Prime Minister Mario Draghi to the UN General Assembly: “Moscow tramples on the rules, on with the sanctions”.

The war in Ukraine, global tensions: what you need to know

Live news from the Ukraine-Russia conflict

Putin: “Nuclear, the West is blackmailing us. Ready to use every resource to defend us”

Putin continues his speech by touching on the very delicate issue of nuclear power. “The West has gone far beyond the limits of aggression against Russia. It is they who blackmail us on the use of atomic weapons. I say to the West: we have so many weapons with which to respond. And we will use every resource to defend our people”

Putin to Russia: “Partial mobilization. The West wants to destroy us”

Tass reported that President Putin has announced the partial mobilization of Russia. “The decree has been signed. It is a question of defending our territory, our country – said the president in the highly anticipated speech postponed last night -. The West wants to destroy us. The West itself has made the Ukrainian people cannon fodder. Our goal is to liberate the Donbass, now almost completely liberated. The West does not want peace between Russia and Ukraine “. “I have given a mandate to the government to provide legal status to volunteers fighting in Donbass. Most of the people in that historical area in Ukraine do not want to remain under the yoke of the neo-Nazis. To achieve this (the liberation of Donbass) the special military operation is the inevitable solution. Objective that remains unchanged. As for the referendum proposal to pass to Russia (in four regions distributed between Donbass and southern Ukraine), we support those peoples. Russia will do everything to ensure that the referendum”.

OSCE: “No legal value for annexation referendums”

“As the war following the Russian Federation’s invasion of Ukraine continues, any so-called ‘referendum’ planned by or with the support of forces illegally exercising de facto control over the occupied territories of Ukraine would violate international standards and obligations under international humanitarian law “. This was written in a note by the OSCE, Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, specifying that “their result will therefore have no legal value”. The consultations that will take place between Friday 23 and 27 September were announced in quick succession yesterday by the pro-Russian authorities in the Ukrainian regions of Luhansk, Donetsk, Kherson and Zaporizhzhya.

UN, Lithuanian president Nauseda: establish special international tribunal on war crimes in Ukraine

The president of Lithuania, Gitanas Nauseda, in his speech at the UN General Assembly, called for the establishment of a special international court to prosecute war crimes committed in Ukraine. “We must ensure that all those responsible for this unprecedented attack on Ukraine and on European peace and security are brought to justice,” he insisted.

Polish President Duda at the UN: convinced that Kiev will win

The president of Poland, Andrzej Duda, said he was convinced Ukraine will prevail over Russia and assured that his country will work so that, in the future, Moscow will pay compensation for the war and that those responsible for the invasion are tried in court. “I am one of those politicians who even before the war believed that Ukraine would successfully defend itself. Today I am convinced that it will win, that the refugees will return, that Ukraine will be rebuilt, that its internationally recognized borders will be restored. “said Duda in his speech to the United Nations General Assembly. “My country, Poland, by joining forces with its allies, will do everything possible to make this happen.” Duda has devoted almost all of his speech to the war in Ukraine which, according to him, Russia is already losing for having failed in its attempt to “dominate a free nation, break its spirit and disperse its army”. The Polish leader attributed the decision to invade Ukraine to “imperialist and colonial sentiment” and warned that if Russia wins, the next target could be “any country in the world”. Therefore, he called on all governments to side with Kiev and support the “heroism” with which the Ukrainians are defending themselves.

Scholz at the UN: Putin will only give up if he understands that he cannot win

“Putin will renounce his imperialist aggression only if he realizes that he cannot win”. This was stated by the German Chancellor, Olaf Scholz, in his speech to the UN General Assembly. “This is why we need to help Ukraine to defend itself,” he explained. “Putin’s action is unjustifiable, it is motivated only by his desire to take over Ukraine”. “We will not accept a peace dictated by Putin – added Scholz -. Ukraine must be able to defend itself”. “Germany – said the chancellor – remains firm at the side of those attacked and the international order. Berlin – he then announced – will host the international conference on the reconstruction of Ukraine on 25 October”.

The Japanese premier at the UN: the Russian threat to use nuclear weapons is unacceptable

“The threat of using a nuclear weapon, as Russia has done, let alone using it, is unacceptable”: Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida in his speech at the UN General Assembly, where he said that the credibility of nations Unite is challenged by a member of the Security Council.

Japan Premier to UN: Russian invasion intolerable

The Russian invasion of Ukraine “should never have been tolerated” and “tramples on the philosophy of the UN charter”: Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishidan in his speech at the UN General Assembly.

Macron at the UN: from Putin to new imperialism, those who remain neutral are complicit

French President Emanuel Macron took the floor at the United Nations General Assembly admonishing countries that have remained neutral with respect to the conflict in Ukraine and have not joined in the condemnation of the Russian invasion. Macron asked all UN member states to act so that Russia ends its war: “Those who remain silent will be complicit in a new form of imperialism”. The French president insisted that any negotiations to end the conflict can only be successful if “Ukraine’s sovereignty is respected, its territory liberated and its security guaranteed”.

Blinken: “farce” referendum, US and international community will never recognize them

Russia wants to proceed with a “farce” referendum in Ukraine and “the United States and the international community will never recognize any annexation. We continue to stand alongside the Ukrainian population”. US Secretary of State Antony Blinken tweets. “Any fake Russian referendum in Ukraine would be illegitimate and an affront to the principles of sovereignty and territorial integrity that underpin the UN Charter just as world leaders are gathering at the General Assembly of the UN. If Russia stages these bogus referendums, the United States and the international community will never recognize Russia’s claims on any part of the supposedly annexed Ukraine. Let’s continue to stand with the Ukrainian people. “

Zelensky: thanks West for the support against the referendums

“I thank all Ukraine’s friends and partners for their massive and firm condemnation of Russia’s intentions to organize another pseudo-referendum” in the occupied territories. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said this in the usual evening video message.

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Ukraine – Russia, news from the war today: Putin announces the partial mobilization of Russia. “The West wants to destroy us”

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