Ukraine – Russia, war news today. Bombs on a Russian base in Donbass. Kiev: “400 soldiers killed”

The Russian attacks on Ukrainian territory do not have a day of respite: dozens of drones suicide bombers were shot down by against ukrainebut Kiev’s armed forces retaliated by striking an air base near Melitopol, and a Ukrainian drone damaged an energy station in Russia’s Bryansk region, repeatedly hit in the past

The war in Ukraine, global tensions: what you need to know

Live news from the Ukraine-Russia conflict

Moscow: 63 Russian soldiers killed in Ukrainian attack on Makiivka

63 Russian soldiers were killed in the Ukrainian military attack on Makiivka, in the Russian-occupied Donetsk region: this is the assessment provided by the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation on the New Year’s attack. So far, there has been no official assessment of the Russian government on the attack. This was reported by the Russian agencies.

Armed forces: new massive Russian attack expected

No one knows, except for the Russian leadership, whether the Federation will strike Ukraine on the eve and on Christmas, which many Ukrainians continue to celebrate on January 7, but we are preparing for a new massive attack. This was stated by the spokesman of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Yuriy Ignat to Channel 24as he reports UNIAN. “We are expecting it, we are preparing. We see that there have been attacks for three days straight. We don’t know yet what they have planned. We just have to prepare and keep the powder dry, people have to be ready,” he said.

Stabbed in Vinnytsa orthodox priest of the faithful church in Moscow

A cleric of the diocese of Vinnytsa (city in central Ukraine), the archpriest Anthony Kovtoniukrector of the Church of the Protection of Holy Mary, was attacked. The priest was stabbed”. This is what the diocese of Ukrainian Orthodox Church (UOC)close to the Moscow Patriarchate, on its own channel Telegram. The agency reports it tax. According to the UOC press service, an unknown man entered the church and started overturning objects and furniture. “The rector of the temple, Father Anthony, tried to stop him, but the man did not react to the remarks, and then cut the priest’s throat with a knife.” Kovtoniuk is now hospitalized in serious condition. The attacker was arrested by the police, the motive is being investigated.

Five wounded in an attack in Berislav, Kherson region

Five people were injured today by a Russian attack on the city of Berislavon the right bank of the Dinpro River, in the region of Khersonin southern Ukraine: reported on Telegram the head of the regional military administration, Yaroslav Yanushevichas he reports UNIAN. “This morning the Russians attacked the center of Berislav, shelled the city market. Probably, the fire was fired from a tank from the side of the city of Kakhovka temporarily busy“wrote Yanushevich.

Von der Leyen calls Zelensky: at your side as long as necessary

“In my first call of the new year with President Zelensky, I expressed my sincere support and best wishes for 2023 to the people of Ukraine. The EU stands by your side, as long as it takes. We support your heroic struggle. A fight for freedom and against brutal aggression”. The president of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, writes it on Twitter.

Appeal from Kiev after the new attacks: overloaded network, reduce consumption

The Kiev authorities are urging residents to reduce electricity consumption because the Russian attacks on energy infrastructure, for the third consecutive day, have caused a lot of damage. The energy company Dtek made it known that it was forced to implement emergency power outages e Oleksii Kuleba, head of the regional military administration of Kiev, has urged residents of the capital to keep an eye on energy consumption because there is “an excessive load on the network”. According to the military, the Ukrainian army managed to intercept and neutralize most of the drones and missiles launched during the night and shot down 39 Shahed kamikaze drones of Iranian manufacture launched towards the territory, but the debris still damaged the infrastructural structures. Hence, a series of emergency blackouts implemented in the capital, as reported by the mayor of Kiev, Vitaly Klitschko up Telegram.

New air alert and explosions in several regions

An air alert has been announced in the regions of Cherkasy, Kirovohrad, Mykolaiv and Kherson. Cherkasy residents report that explosions are underway, as reported by the Ukrainian media.

Kiev: “400 Russians killed on New Year’s Eve in Makiivka”

According to the Ukrainian Armed Forces, 400 Russian soldiers were killed on the night of December 31 in an attack on the base of Russian military personnel in Makiivka, in Donetsk. The attack also allegedly resulted in the wounding of another 300 soldiers. This was reported by the Ukrainian media which publish photos and videos of the place where the Russian soldiers were, mostly destroyed. Alexander Sladkovwar correspondent of the TV channel Rossiya, stated that there were mobilized Russians at the base. The blow to the base was launched at midnight, while the Russian soldiers were at the table to celebrate the New Year. For the moment, the news has no independent confirmation or confirmation from a Russian source.

EU: Training of Ukrainian soldiers has already begun in various Member States

The European Union has already started the training of servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in various places on the territory of individual Member States. This was stated by the head of the EU delegation in Ukraine, Matt Maasikasin an interview with Ukrinform.


“The EU has decided to launch a military training mission for Ukraine – Eumam will train up to 15,000 servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in various places on the territory of individual EU member states,” he said. Recently the EU High Representative for Foreign Policy, Joseph Borrellvisited the soldiers who are training at Brzegin Poland.

Ukrainian attack on Makiivka: ‘Dozens of Russian soldiers killed in military accommodation’

Several people died and others were injured in an attack launched yesterday by Kiev forces against Russian “military accommodation” in the Ukrainian city of Makiivka, in the Donetsk region occupied by the Moscow forces. According to Ukrainian media, hundreds of Russian soldiers died, while pro-Russian officials indicated that the number of victims is still unknown.

Russian military base near Melitopol hit

According to the exiled mayor of Melitopol, Ivan FedorovA Russian military base was hit near the occupied city in southeastern Ukraine. According to Ria Melitopol this morning at 5:00 local time (4:00 in Italy) there were explosions between the villages of Myrne and Severnye, where the Russian base is located. The troops of the Chechen leader are operating in the area Ramzan Kadyrov.

Kiev: in the night a missile and 41 Russian drones, all shot down

Kiev forces shot down all 42 aerial targets – 41 drones and a missile – launched by the Russians over Ukraine last night, the Army announced on Telegram, as reported by local media. “On the night of January 1-2, 2023, the Russian invaders launched a massive attack with Iranian-made Shahed 131/136 kamikaze drones.

Gb: ongoing battle for control of a highway in Lugansk

A battle is underway for control of a strategic highway in the east of the country. As British Defense Intelligence reports in its latest bulletin on what is happening on the warfield, “Russian and Ukrainian forces have been fighting for control of the P66 highway, north of the city of Kremina, in the Lugansk region, for five days, under Russian control”.

Kiev does not give up: citizens celebrate the New Year during a Russian drone attack

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Drone attack Kiev in Bryansk region of Russia

A Ukrainian drone has attacked an electrical installation in the Klimovsky district of Russia, damaging it. This was announced by the governor of the Bryansk region, Alexander Bogomaz, quoted by the Tass agency. No casualties are reported

12 air targets shot down, one injured in Kiev

The military administration of the city of Kiev reported that 12 aerial targets were shot down by Ukrainian air defense during the night of 2 January. In the city’s Desnyanskyi district, the balconies and windows of a high-rise building were damaged by debris, injuring a 19-year-old. The air raid alert remains active in the city. The attacks that took place around New Year’s Eve in Kiev and seven other regions had already killed at least four people and injured 50, according to Ukrainian authorities

Explosions in Kiev, Zaporizhzhia and Dnipro oblasts

Explosions are reported in the Kiev, Zaporizhzhia and Dnipropetrovsk regions of Ukraine. The local and Russian media reported it, adding that the anti-aircraft alarm was triggered in various oblasts of the country. The Kyiv Independent speaks of explosions that occurred in the early hours of the night in the Ukrainian capital, with the city’s military administration confirming that it had activated the anti-aircraft. Strana broadcaster reports on an explosion in Dnipro. The agency tax speaks of three explosions reported in Zaporizhzhia and one in Melitopol. The air raid alarm went off in the Kiev, Dnipropetrovsk, Zaporizhzhia, Kherson, Mykolaiv, Kirovohrad, Vinnytsia, Cherkasy and Poltava regions.

Russian raids damage architectural monument in Sumy region

Russian rocket attacks damaged an architectural monument in the Sumy region. This is the wooden church of Santa Barbara. He brings it back UNIAN citing the local governor Dmitry Zhivitsky.

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Ukraine – Russia, war news today. Bombs on a Russian base in Donbass. Kiev: “400 soldiers killed”

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