Ukraine – Russia, war news today. In Kiev, 50% of homes are without electricity. China: “Cooling scenarios with dialogue”

The search for aagreement on the price cap to gas continues to divide Europe. And Moscow threatens: if there is an agreement, Putin will punish all the countries that join by turning off the oil and gas taps. “There is a real risk of nuclear and radioactive disaster following the bombing of Ukraine”, is the warning of the president of the Energoatom operator. And the clash between Russia and the West does not take place only in Ukraine. Moscow, as Putin has said several times, also intends to defend itself from what it sees as an attack on traditional values ​​and this includes the new law against LGBT propaganda, approved by the Duma. The number of dead rose to seven after yesterday’s Russian bombing of Kherson. L’electricity for residents of Kiev it will be reduced to 2-3 hours a day until the electricity is completely restored in the city.

The war in Ukraine, global tensions: what you need to know

Live news from the Ukraine-Russia conflict

Kremlin, Ukraine will not recapture Crimea

Russia rules out that Ukraine can reconquer Crimea. This was stated by the Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskovquoted by taxresponding to what the Ukrainian president said Volodymyr Zelensky in an interview with Financial Times.


Putin will meet the mothers of soldiers in Ukraine today

The Russian president Vladimir Putin will meet today a delegation of the mothers of the soldiers involved in the military operation in Ukraine. This was announced by the Kremlin spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, emphasizing that it will be a “free” conversation, without a pre-established programme. The meeting was organized on the eve of Mother’s Day, which is celebrated in Russia tomorrow.

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Stoltenberg, brutal attacks from Putin because he is failing

Vladimir Putin it is failing in Ukraine and therefore proceeds with greater brutality, attacking civilian targets, depriving people of light, water and food: for Ukraine it is a horrendous start to winter”. The NATO secretary general said Jens Stoltenberg at a press conference, specifying that the deliberate attack on civilian infrastructures is “a war crime” and those responsible will have to answer to justice.

Stoltenberg: “The Russian withdrawal from Kherson is good, but the next few months will be difficult for Ukraine”

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Stoltenberg: “China is not an adversary, but ever closer to Russia”

“Foreign affairs ministers will address ways to strengthen our resilience in the face of challenges posed by China. China is not an adversary, but it is ramping up military modernization, its presence from the Arctic to the Western Balkans, from space to cyberspace and it is trying to control the critical infrastructure of NATO allies. We see Russia and China working ever more closely.” The NATO secretary general said: Jens Stoltenbergintroducing the meeting of NATO foreign ministers to be held in Bucharest on November 29-30.

Ukraine, NATO: “There will be no peace if the aggressor wins. We will continue to support Kiev”

This is a war where Russia is the aggressor and Ukraine defends itself”, “there will be no peace if the aggressor wins, if the autocracy prevails”. Jens Stoltenberg, introducing the meeting of NATO foreign ministers to be held in Bucharest on November 29-30. “NATO will continue to support Ukraine for as long as necessary, it will not back down,” he added.

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Kiev still 50% without electricity, the water has returned

50% of homes in Kiev are still without electricity, water has been restored everywhere while a third of homes in Kiev has now been reached by heating. This is the point of the situation this morning in the capital made by the mayor of the city Vitaly Klitschkotaken from Ukrainska Pravda. As for mobile communications, the operation of the networks of all mobile operators depends on power supply. During the day, it is planned to connect electricity to all consumers in turn, for 3 hours.

Ukraine: China, cool scenarios with dialogue and negotiations

There position of China “it has always been clear: we have always attached importance to the humanitarian situation in Ukraine”. Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Mao Ningon the shortage of electricity and heating supplies in Ukraine and the question whether China is considering providing aid to Kiev and asking Russia to stop attacks on civilian structures, he said Beijing believes “it is the highest priority cool the situation as soon as possible through dialogue and negotiation, which is the fundamental way to solve the problem”.

Ukraine: GB, Moscow reservists “badly equipped and unprepared”

Two months after “partial mobilization” in Russia wanted by the president Vladimir Putin to deal with the war in Ukraine, British military intelligence tries to take stock of the results and notes that there has been confusion about who is fit for service (even those with “very serious chronic illnesses have been recalled”), who “Personal training and equipment are inadequate” and reservists are required “highly strenuous combat missions”.

Zaporizhzhia central external power restored

The external power supply of the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant was restored yesterday, the director general of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) confirmed. Rafael Grossi, in a statement published on the organization’s website. “External power was restored at Ukraine’s Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant one day after the loss of access to external electricity,” Grossi said. Ukraine’s nuclear industry suffered its worst external energy loss since the beginning of the conflict on Wednesday, Grossi said, emphasizing the need for serious measures to avert the danger of a major nuclear accident.

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Forbes, Moscow has spent 82 billion dlr on the war in Ukraine

Russia has spent $82 billion, equal to a quarter of its annual budget, on war in Ukraine since the invasion began on February 24, according to an estimate by Forbes Ukraine, according to which Moscow has so far spent more than $5.5 billion on artillery supplies alone. And the costs of the war for Russia are rising, while its resources are running out, writes the magazine, citing the deal with Iran for the supply of weapons and a possible deal with North Korea. Next year, the “war bill” could become too high, experts believe Forbes.

Ukraine: Russian air defense is activated in Armyansk, in the Crimea

Russian air defenses have been activated in the city of Armyansk, in the Northern Crimea. This was reported by the Russian agency tax. “I ask you to remain calm, the air defense system is working,” Vasily Telizhenko, head of the local administration, wrote in Telegram.
Earlier this week, pro-Ukrainian Telegram channels reported an alleged evacuation from Armyansk due to the bombing of Kiev. But the Russian authorities in Crimea have denied the reports, calling them ‘fake news’.

Ukraine: over 15,000 people missing since the beginning of the war

Over 15,000 people have disappeared in Ukraine sincestart of the Russian invasion on 24 February last year: an official of the International Commission for Missing Persons (ICMP) made it known, as reported by the news agency Reuters on its website. It is not clear at present how many people have been forcibly displaced, are detained in Russia, are alive and separated from their family members, or have died, said ICMP program director for Europe, Matthew Holliday.

Zelenska: “Ready to face winter, we had worse challenges, but I miss my husband”

The first lady of Ukraine Olena Zelenska she said to BBC that Ukraine will resist next winter despite the cold and blackouts caused by Russian missiles, and will continue to fight what it describes as a war of worldviews, because “without victory there can be no peace”.

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As for family life and the fact that she rarely sees her husband, President Zelensky, the first lady adds that meeting “is very rare today. Very rare. I live separately with my children and my husband lives at work,” she explains. “Above all, we miss the simple things: sitting, not looking at the time, as long as we want.”

US: Senators ask for ‘Gray Eagle’ drones to be sent to Kiev

A bipartisan group of senators is pushing the Biden administration to transfer “Gray Eagle” drones capable of carrying Hellfire missiles to Ukraine. Sixteen Republican and Democrat senators, many of whom serve on the Armed Services Committee, have sent a letter to Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin criticizing the Pentagon for still not authorizing the delivery of ‘super drones’ to Kiev. “This particular system – they write – will increase Ukraine’s chances in the short term and deserves to be reconsidered”. The group of signatories is led by Republican Joni Ernst, Representative of Iowa, and centrist Democrat Joe Manchin, of West Virginia.

Kiev: missiles on Zaporizhzhia damaged the hospital

Russian missile attack late in the evening on Zaporizhzhia. This was announced by the Ukrainian regional administrator Oleksandr Starukh on telegram. Ukrainska Pravda reports it. “This time the rockets hit near the hospital. People weren’t injured but the same cannot be said of the building where dozens of windows were smashed,” he explained.

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Kiev residents will have electricity for 2-3 hours a day

The inhabitants of Kiev will have electricity “for 2-3 hours a day until the amount of electricity reaching the capital increases”. This was stated by Dmytro Saharuk director of the energy company Dtek. Ukrainska Pravda reports it. After the system stabilizes, Dtek plans to transition to the already established planned outage schedules. According to Saharuk, currently about 30% of the population of Kiev has electricity.

Zelensky: Any option not including Crimea is a waste of time

The President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, in an interview with the Financial Times called any option to end the war that does not involve the liberation of Crimea a “waste of time”. “If someone is ready to offer us a way to liberate Crimea not through military means, I will definitely be in favor of it,” he explained. While those who theorize an agreement with Crimea as part of the Russian Federation “shouldn’t waste his time like this”.

Bombs on Kherson, 7 dead and 21 wounded

The rocket attacks on the city of Kherson, liberated a few days ago by the Russians, caused 7 deaths and 21 wounded. This is what the Kyiv Independent reports, quoting the governor of the Kherson Oblast, Yaroslav Yanushevych. According to reports, 17 Russian attacks were carried out during the day with the use of artillery and multiple rocket launchers. “Today is another terrible page in the history of our hero city,” said Yanushevych.

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Ukraine – Russia, war news today. In Kiev, 50% of homes are without electricity. China: “Cooling scenarios with dialogue”

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