Ukraine – Russia, war news today. Kiev does the math in Moscow’s pocket: “It has missiles for only three large-scale attacks”

In Ukraine, the transition from the old to the new year was inexorably marked by raids and destruction. Rocket attacks on Kiev, up Zaporizhzhia. Which triggered the air defenses. “Ukraine will continue to fight until victory”, was the message of the Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelensky. Who also addressed the Russians: “Putin is destroying your future”. And the no. 2 of Ukrainian intelligence took stock of the military situation: “The stock of Kalibr missiles is about to run out, there are only three large-scale attacks left like those of the last period”

The war in Ukraine, global tensions: what you need to know

Live news from the Ukraine-Russia conflict

Moscow: offensive in Donetsk, we hold on to Zaporizhzhia

Russian forces continue the offensive in the Donbass and hold off the Ukrainian counterattack in the Zaporozhzhia region, Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov said. “Russian forces are developing an offensive in the Donetsk sector – said Konashenkov – The Ukrainians tried unsuccessfully to counterattack and to recapture the lost ground near Dorozhnyanka, Zaporozhzhia region: Russian forces with artillery discouraged any counterattack.” In the Kupyansk sector, Russian forces struck Ukrainian troops near Kotlyarovka, Ivanovka, Podoly and Pershotravnevoye in the Kharkov region and Novoselovskoye in the Lugansk People’s Republic – he continued – in the Krasny Liman sector, the artillery hit five company battlegroups of the 92nd Mechanized Brigade and 95th Air Assault Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and 111th Territorial Defense Brigade near Rozovka and Stelmakhovka in the Luhansk People’s Republic and Serebryanskoye forest area”.


Moscow: raid on Ukrainian drone factories, attacks foiled

I ryesterday’s aid on Ukraine they have targeted drone factories and launch sites. This was reported by the Russian Defense Ministry, quoted by Interfaceexplaining that he thus thwarted attempts by Kiev to carry out “terrorist attacks” against Russia.

Russian bombs on Kherson on New Year’s Eve, one dead

At least one person died today as a result of Russian bombing on Khersonin southern Ukraine: the deputy head of the Office of the President, Kyrylo Tymoshenko, announced on Telegram, as reported Ukrinform. “Kherson. The occupiers did not stop hitting the city on New Year’s Eve,” wrote Tymoshenko. “Another Russian bombing of the city left one dead and one wounded”, he added, underlining that “the building of the regional children’s hospital was damaged. About seven hits were recorded, more than 700 windows were shattered”.

Kiev: twenty year old killed by Russian bombing yesterday in the west

A 22-year-old girl died of Russian bombing of yesterday on Khmelnytskyi, a city in western Ukraine. “The young woman was hospitalized in very serious condition after the attack on our city, she died of her injuries,” said the head of the regional military administration Sergy Gamalii, as reported by the Ukrainian media. And he added that eight civilians were injured in the attack, including two women who are in serious condition. Rockets fired yesterday by the Russian army on the city hit a military facility and 13 residential buildings. Another person died yesterday in Moscow’s raids on Kiev.

Germany, intelligence: Russian espionage activity on the rise

The interest of Russian intelligence services in Germany continues to increase the longer the war in Ukraine lasts. This is the complaint of the German internal intelligence service. “The interest of Russian intelligence here in Germany has not only not diminished, but is also increasing as the effects of the war continue” to be felt, said the head of the Office for the Protection of the Constitution, Thomas Haldenwang , in an interview with dpain which he also names China and Iran among the states whose intelligence services are active in the country.
“The last case demonstrates how real the danger of Russian espionage‘ he added, referring to the suspected double agent of the German foreign intelligence agency Bnd who was arrested just before Christmas. The man is suspected of having provided secret information to a Russian intelligence service. Haldenwang went on to He said he expected Moscow to try to remedy the expulsion of 40 Russian officials deemed persona non grata from Germany.”We are making great efforts to prevent other people potentially connected to Russian services from coming here to Germany,” Haldenwang explained.

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Media: a Russian drone with “Happy New Year” written over Kiev

One of the kamikaze drones launched by Russia on the Ukrainian capital Kiev on New Year’s Eve bore the inscription “Happy New Year”: this is reported in a tweet by the Kyiv Postwhich publishes an image published by the police chief of the Kyiv region, Andriy Nebytov, with the fragments of the aircraft and the message of the Russian forces.

Mattarella: we must be “artisans of peace”

“I join with conviction in Your Holiness’ appeal to overcome the dimension of our particular interests and to open our vision to the common good by becoming “artisans of peace”. Sergio Mattarella in a message to His Holiness Pope francescoon the occasion of the World Day of Peace.
“Having experienced the fragility that distinguishes human reality and our personal existence has left a precious lesson: the awareness that we all need each other. It is the responsibility of each one to translate this feeling of renewed solidarity into practice”.
It is “a sentiment that is nourished above all by the value of peace and that of justice. This is especially true in the light of the dramatic return of war to the European continent. The unacceptable Russian aggression towards Ukraine, with its heavy burden of death and suffering – as well as very serious consequences at the regional and global level – requires us to support those people whom you have defined with pastoral concern as ‘martyrs'” continues the Head of State.
We must overcome the dimension of our particular interests and become “artisans of peace”, urges President Mattarella, for whom “Italy will continue to work in this spirit”.
“In thanking you for the message that on the occasion of the 56th World Day of Peace you wanted to address to the faithful of the Catholic Church, to Christians and to all men and women of good will, I renew to you my most sincere and affectionate wishes for the new year” he concludes the message.

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Kiev: Moscow still has missiles for three large-scale strikes

Russia has cruise missiles at its disposal to launch a maximum of three more large-scale attacks against Ukraine: Kiev’s deputy intelligence chief Vadym Skibitsky said at a press conference, as reported Rbc-Ukraine. “Russians have a deficit today. It is mostly related to Iskander ballistic missiles. As can be seen, they have been using this type of weapon for a long time. It’s all about ballistics. And the stock of Kalibr (missiles) is running out,” Skibitsky said. “Our calculations are very simple,” he added. The maximum that Russia is capable of is two or three strike missions of the same power that we have seen in recent times,” he added, explaining that, according to Russian military standards, the high-precision weapons are the Kh-101 cruise missiles , Kh-555 and the Kalibr. According to the senior official, missile production in Russia continues, although it has decreased slightly. The head of Ukrainian intelligence, Kyrylo Budanov, had recently estimated that Moscow still has about 150 missiles, which could be enough for two massive large-scale attacks on Ukraine.

Kiev: 45 Russian kamikaze drones shot down on New Year’s Eve

Ukrainian anti-aircraft destroyed last night 45 Iranian-made Shahed-131/136 kamikaze drones launched by Russian forces: the press service of the Air Force Command announced it on Telegram, as reported Ukrinform. “On the night of December 31, 2022 to January 1, 2023, Russian invaders attacked Ukraine with Iranian-made Shahed-131/136 kamikaze drones. Forty-five attack drones were destroyed thanks to the work of the air defense of the Air Force in cooperation with the air defense of other elements of the Defense Forces of Ukraine,” the message reads. “Thirteen drones were shot down in 2022 and 32 in 2023”, specifies the Command.

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Kiev: “Russian attacks repulsed in 9 villages”

The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Kiev takes stock of yesterday’s operations. “Ukrainian forces repelled Russian attacks near nine villages, while Moscow launched 31 rocket attacks, 12 air raids and more than 70 multiple rocket launch attacks.”

Borrell: “The EU alongside Ukraine also in 2023”

The head of foreign policy of the Union, Joseph Borrell, he said that Europe will remain on the side of Ukraine also in 2023 and attacked Putin defining the new attacks of December 31st and January 1st as regrettable.

Kiev: “32 targets shot down in the skies of the city”

According to the military administration of Kiev, 32 targets were hit and shot down in the night in the skies of the capital. It was not clarified whether these were drones. The remains of a missile were found in the Dniprovskyi district.

Zelensky to Russians: ‘Putin is burning your future’

Zelensky he also addressed Russian citizens, with a message on Telegram. “Your leader wants to show you that he is leading from the front and that his military is behind him. But in reality he is hiding. He is hiding behind his military, his missiles, the walls of his residences and his buildings. He is hiding behind you and your country and your future is burning.”

Explosion in Kiev on the stroke of midnight

An explosion was heard in Kiev on the stroke of midnight. Mayor, Vitali Klitschko, he announced that the anti-aircraft defense has come into operation.

The last images from the center of Kiev before the curfew

The latest images from central Kiev before the curfew (reuters)

Zelensky: “We will fight until victory”

It was a balance sheet message that made by president Zelensky close to midnight. “2022 hurt our hearts. We cried all the tears. We cried out all the prayers. 311 days. We have something to say about every minute. But most words aren’t necessary.” Then a look to the future: “We don’t know for sure what the new year 2023 will hold for us. I want to wish all of us one thing – victory. And this is the main aspect. Best wishes to all Ukrainians. May this year be the year of return. The return of our people. The warriors to their families. The prisoners to their homes. The internally displaced people to their Ukraine. The return of our lands. And those who are temporarily occupied will be free forever. Return to normal life To happy moments without curfews. To earthly joys without air raids. Returning what was stolen from us. The childhood of our children, the serene old age of our parents”.

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Ukraine – Russia, war news today. Kiev does the math in Moscow’s pocket: “It has missiles for only three large-scale attacks”

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