Ukraine, the six thousand drones (manufactured in China) deployed by Kiev against the Russians: “They show the position of the enemy with millimeter precision”

There Chinaindirectly, is arming theUkraine with thousands of drones. And thanks to these mini-aircraft, the Ukrainian army is obtaining real-time data on the position of Russian military targets, which are then hit with unprecedented precision by heavy weapons. In the war of technologies, the country chaired by Zelensky he is showing himself superior to the Russian army.

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More than six thousand drones produced in China

“Each drone offers the opportunity to destroy enemy troops,” Valerii Iakovenko, founder of DroneUA, a Ukrainian technology company that advises the government on the use of remotely piloted aircraft, told Nbcnews. Iakovenko confirmed that the Ukrainian military is using more than 6,000 drones, mostly manufactured in China. Although they vary depending on the model, most are commercially available multirotor aircraft, also used in agriculture, engineering and information. They can fly for up to 30 minutes and up to 7 kilometers into enemy territory.

“This is the first time ever that we see such a level of robotics used during conflicts,” said Iakovenko. Small squads of Ukrainian soldiers control off-road drones near the front line, relaying location and topographical data to artillery batteries via military channels on Telegram. They provide information in real time, so that the opponent’s target can be hit with surgical precision on the first shot.

According to reports from Nbcnews Ulrike Franke, expert in the use of drones in conflicts at the European Council for Foreign Relations, the Ukrainian military has shown greater innovation than its Russian opponent in integrating the technology into its armed response. “We are not looking only at drones, but at drones used in conjunction with other systems such as artillery. This is what makes the new technology potentially revolutionary. Combining the use of drones with artillery – confirmed Franke – is an innovation and has a concrete impact ».

From Moskva to supplies to ships

For example, in the sinking of the Russian warship Moskva, these mini-aircraft played a pivotal role: Turkish-made fixed-wing drones would be deployed as decoy to deceive the ship’s air defense system. The UK’s defense ministry said on Wednesday that Ukraine used drones to attack Russian air defense and refuel ships.

By now in the daily bulletin released by Kiev on the opponent’s losses, the data of the destroyed drones is also reported. Since the beginning of the invasion of Ukraine, 27,200 Russian soldiers have been killed and 1,218 tanks destroyed. According to the Ukrainians, 411 drones, 2,934 armored combat vehicles, 551 artillery systems, 195 multiple rocket systems, 88 anti-aircraft defense systems, 200 aircraft, 163 helicopters, 2,059 motor vehicles and fuel tankers were also destroyed. , 13 ships and boats and 95 cruise missiles.


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Ukraine, the six thousand drones (manufactured in China) deployed by Kiev against the Russians: “They show the position of the enemy with millimeter precision”

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