Ukrainian media: “Russia has a plan to invade Moldova and take Transnistria” – Open

According to reports from some Ukrainian media, Russia would have ready an attack plan against Moldova that would repeat the Donbass scheme. The Ukrainian intelligence sources cited by Suspiline e other Ukrainian media they argue that there are a number of indicators that suggest an attack on the state that hosts the Transnistrian region and has only 3,250 soldiers in its army. And some activities would already be observed in the airport of Tiraspol, the capital of the unrecognized republic of Transnistria. According to media reports, the Russians could try to transfer troops on planes and helicopters taking off from occupied Crimea.

Tiraspol and Chisinau

At the same time, protests and riots would be organized in the Moldovan capital Chisinau. This information – according to the Ukrinform agency – would however not be in line with the assessments of Western intelligence, according to which Russia does not have sufficient capacity to safely complete this route without risking that its aircraft are shot down by Ukrainian air defense in the region. of Odessa. Meanwhile, yesterday afternoon the Moldovan security services denounced a cyber-attack on institutional sites, which began at 2 pm “At the moment, the responsible authorities are providing the necessary means to repel the attacks on the government’s infrastructure and to minimize their impact” , the Moldovan services announced, assuring that the cyber attacks did not have direct consequences on the functioning of the executive media or information systems.

The media Hromadske he also said that in recent days a copy of a newspaper was printed which reports an appeal by the people of Transnistria to Vladimir Putin for Russia to intervene in Moldova. On April 25th there were some explosions check close to the Ministry of Security: «According to preliminary information – said the ministry in a note quoted by Interfax – shots were fired with a portable anti-tank grenade launcher. There are no victims ». Two days later the first Transnistrian canal sent the images of the attack, while the day after the Belarusian opposition media Nexta has published a letter warning the inhabitants of the region to be ready for a possible call to arms.

Transnistria and Ukraine

In recent days Dmitry Suslovdirector of the Moscow International Studies Center, ha explained in an interview with Corriere della Sera that Putin has simply not yet decided what to do about Transnistria and Moldova. But the goal of continuing the advance south to Odessa and Mikolaev and then establishing a direct territorial connection with Transnistria is one of the options on the table. Although there is a school of thought in the Kremlin that observes that the Transnistria target would require much more resources, it would prolong the war and make it more difficult to deal with Ukraine and the West.

A Moldovan security alarm had been launched in recent days also by the president Zelensky. Transnistria is currently a small region that has proclaimed its independence but not recognized by the UN. It is governed by an autonomous administration based in Tiraspol. It has an area of ​​approximately 4,160 square km, or 12% of the territory of the entire Moldova. About half a million people live there, 130,000 of them in the capital Tiraspol. According to unverifiable estimates, there are between 1,500 and 2,000 Russian soldiers in the region, while the town is 100 kilometers from Odessa. The regime already obeys Putin.

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Ukrainian media: “Russia has a plan to invade Moldova and take Transnistria” – Open

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