US, ultraconservative Kansas sides for abortion – North America

The Roe w Wade ruling was right, it was law for 50 years and was torn up by an extremist court. “The American president, Joe Biden said, calling on Congress to restore the right to abortion.” Kansas voters they sent a powerful signal, “she added of the referendum on termination of pregnancy in the conservative state.

“I don’t think the Supreme Court and the Republicans in Congress – who have been pushing their extremist agenda for decades – had any idea of ​​the power of American women. Yesterday in Kansas they found out.” The American president, Joe Biden, wrote it on Twitter after signing a new executive order for the defense of women’s reproductive rights.

Clear victory and, surprisingly, of the pro-abortion front in one of the most conservative states in the US. Kansas has rejected the proposal to abolish or severely limit the termination of pregnancy, in the first real political test since the historic decision of the Supreme Court that overturned the ‘Roe w. Wade ‘. A success for the Democrats in view of the Midterm elections in November and a point earned by US President Joe Biden who has launched a new package of measures to defend women’s reproductive rights.
The question posed in Kansas in the referendum was simple but could be misinterpreted: citizens were asked if the right to abortion should be eliminated from the state constitution, so as to leave a free hand to Republican legislators who aim to abolish it. The answer could not be clearer: over 60% of the 900,000 people who went to the polls, where they also voted for the primaries, decided to safeguard the possibility of choice. An extraordinary participation in a consultation on a highly divisive issue in the United States if we consider that in the 2018 primary, the turnout was almost half, 473,438.
“This vote highlighted what we know: the majority of Americans agree that women should have access to abortion and should have the right to make their own health decisions,” the American president said in a statement. Note. Biden, who immediately after the shocking sentence of the sages promised that he would fight to protect reproductive rights but continues to be attacked by the more liberal wing of the Democrats because he has not yet declared a state of health emergency, has signed a another executive order in defense of abortion.
First of all, it gave a mandate to the Secretary of Health to guarantee access to services, even those covered by insurance, to women forced to travel to another state to undergo a prohibited intervention in the one in which they reside. Second, the president asked Minister Xavier Becerra to watch over and intervene if healthcare workers in the United States break federal laws and fail to provide women with the services they need. But also inform those doctors and nurses who are in doubt about their obligations and duties after the overturning of the 1973 abortion sentence. Meanwhile, the Justice Department has sued Idaho for restricting the right to abortion to women too. life threatening by explaining that the state measure, which is expected to take effect later this month, is incompatible with federal law.
What impact the outcome of the Kansas referendum will have on other states preparing to vote on the matter is too early to tell. In the coming weeks California, Michigan, Nevada, and Vermont will ask their citizens to protect the right to abortion, while Kentucky will vote to abolish it. For the moment, pro-choice activists rejoice. “It is a huge victory for those who want to protect the right of women to manage their bodies independently,” commented the Center for Reproductive Rights, the leading American association for the defense of the right to abortion. “Kansas people, like the vast majority of Americans, have made it clear that they want to be free to choose about abortion,” reads the statement from the organization that defended the only abortion clinic in Mississippi in the ‘Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization ‘and that is dealing with many lawsuits against states that have already imposed severe restrictions on termination of pregnancy.