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The White House confirmed in a statement the discovery of new classified documents in one of Joe Biden’s two residences in Delaware, and more precisely in the garage of his home in Wilmington. And Attorney General Merrick Garland has announced the appointment of a special prosecutor to investigate Joe Biden’s classified documents. This is Rob Hur, a former Maryland attorney.

During the search – “concluded yesterday” – after the discovery on November 2 of other top secret papers in one of his former offices in Washington, Biden’s lawyers discovered “among personal and political papers a small number of other administration documents Obama-Biden with classification marks,” the statement read. “All but one were found in a storage space in the garage of the president’s residence” in Wilmington, the statement continued. “A one-page document was discovered among material stored in an adjacent room” while “no document was found in the Rehoboth Beach residence,” his beach house. The lawyers reiterate that they cooperate fully with the Justice Department and have informed it immediately.

“The top secret papers found in Wilmington weren’t in the street, they were safe, in the garage where my Corvettes are.” Joe Biden said so answering a question from reporters at the White House. “My lawyers and I are fully cooperating with the Justice Department,” Joe Biden said, pressed by reporters on the second tranche of classified documents discovered. The president said that his lawyers’ search for any classified papers “concluded yesterday”, after the first discovery on November 2 last year.

US House neo-speaker Kevin McCarthy goes on the attack, according to which Congress must investigate Biden’s classified documents in his possession. McCarthy condemned the “political use” of justice by the administration, the “double standards”, with the news and immediate photos of the top secret papers seized from Donald Trump, while the discovery of Biden’s documents is been revealed after more than 2 months, for now without any images. The speaker also criticized Biden for calling his predecessor irresponsible for the misuse of classified documents when he appears to have done the same. Also criticism of the administration and the media for suppressing
the story on the laptop of Hunter Biden, the president’s son.

In the meantime, a lunge comes from Donald Trump against the special prosecutor Jack Smith who is investigating him in the vein of classified documents and the attack on the Capitol, and calls for their torpedoing. “He’s a Trump-hating thug whose wife is an avowed serial Trump hater and whose friends and family are even worse,” he writes on his social media Truth, also quoting Lisa Monaco. “You torpedo a man who could very well turn out to be a criminal, Jack Smith. His conflicts, impropriety and deranged mental state make him totally unsuitable for the job of taking out Trump,” he continues, calling for prosecution Biden and his family .

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Use: other secret papers of Biden, were in his garage in Delaware – World

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