Victoria, 10, alone from Ukraine to Australia: the incredible journey of the little girl fleeing the war

After yet another day spent in an air raid shelter, as explosions resounded throughout theUkraine and her husband was far away fighting the Russians, he realized he had no alternative. There were no other ways to give back to her daughter Victoria the possibility of experiencing some moments that until recently seemed obvious: seeing the sky, playing, talking with other girls, going to school. So she managed to put her on a flight from Budapest to Brisbane, via Doha, and sent her alone in Australiafifteen thousand kilometers away, even though Victoria is just ten years old, even though she had never taken a plane and had never left the Ukrainian town where she was born, on the border with Slovakia.

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Ten-year-old Victoria’s odyssey fled from Ukraine to Australia

The story of this brave little girl and her mother’s choice was told by the Mail Online. In the first weeks of the war, the areas west of Kiev were also targeted by the Russian army. And for several consecutive days the inhabitants of different cities hid in the air-raid shelters. Victoria’s mother suddenly found herself in this situation, closed almost in the dark for up to six hours a day, forced to think alone about the safety of her daughter because her husband had been called to fight against the soldiers Russians. But in those days, the first wave of solidarity took place that prompted people from all over the world to send aid to Kiev. Among them, too Veronikaa Ukrainian-born lady living in Australia who called on the phone offering help to all her friends, including Victoria’s grandmother.

The trip was organized in a few hours. The last images of those days that the little girl still remembers very well are the collection of a few personal items placed in a small bag, the face of the mother who gives her the latest recommendations, the long hug with the father returned from the front and the journey through L‘Hungary. A family friend managed to bring her to Budapest and to hand it over to the crew of an Emirates flight that headed for Australia after making a stopover in Doha. “When she got on board she only asked us if she could sleep on the plane,” said the stewardesses.

The Mail Online reports that Victoria lives in a city on the coast of Queensland and there he will wait for the end of the war. Ms Veronika and her husband Lloyd, an Australian Navy veteran, are amazed to see how much progress she has made, despite the fact that she still doesn’t speak English as well as she would like. She now she is in elementary school. She became very good friends with Veronika and Lloyd’s daughter, who just turned eight. She attached the Ukrainian flag that she brought with her to the wardrobe door. And she can see the sky whenever she wants.


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Victoria, 10, alone from Ukraine to Australia: the incredible journey of the little girl fleeing the war

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