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The leader of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyroviron ally of Vladimir Putin and absolute lord of the Caucasus region, on 20 September 2021 he won the elections with 99.7% of the votes at the end of the ballot.

In November, Kadyrov decided to ban Marvel superheroes from children’s spaces. Putin’s controversial ally during a visit to a children’s center in a new residential complex in the town of Kurchaloy and when he saw characters like Captain America, Thor and Spider-Man on the walls he ordered to replace them with “real heroes” of Chechnya.

Ramzan Kadyrov’s action was not limited to the Kurchaloy Children’s Center. The Chechen leader – reports Radio Liberty – said he had “ordered” that superheroes “be completely replaced” in the spaces dedicated to children “throughout the republic”.

Russian opponent Ilia Yashin, in February 2022, collected over 100,000 signatures in one day for the online petition requesting that Ramzan Kadyrov, accused of serious human rights violations, be relieved of the post of head of Chechnya.

In 2016, in a February 2016 interview Aleksandr Cerkasov, a member of the board of the human rights organization Memorial and an expert on the Caucasus, said that “the weight of Ramzan Kadyrov is increasing more and more”, with the consent of the Kremlin. Putin’s lieutenant, acting illegally, according to Cerkasov, also controls troops that formally depend on the Moscow Interior Ministry

The Caucasus expert explains how the power structure headed by Ramzan Kadyrov was already built by his father, Ahmad: the Chechen leader killed in an attack in May 2004. Ahmad Kadyrov had under his orders a security service “made up mostly of former guerrillas who had been drawn to the side of the faithful in the Kremlin”. Sometimes even with violence, because they were captured and tortured “and then put in front of a crossroads: either you step on our side or you die”. Then, so that “they could not go back” they were “bound by blood, in the sense that they made them participate in torture and killings”.

Kadyrov “is a person who has always known what he wants”, assures Cerkasov. “In 2006 there was a clash between him and Movladi Baisarov, a former Chechen warlord, who later headed a special group of the Russian secret services. The group was disbanded and Baisarov was killed, in Moscow.” And again: “In 2007 Kadyrov came into conflict with the Orb-2, an investigative unit of the Ministry of the Interior. This – continues the Memorial activist – was a danger for Kadyrov because he could investigate the leader’s forces. Chechen. Result: the direction of Orb-2 has been changed and a man loyal to Kadyrov has been placed at the head of this structure “.

Cerkasov is also convinced that Kadyrov’s hand is also behind the murder of Boris Nemtsov, the opponent killed in 2015 by shooting a few steps from the Kremlin. Some of the individuals accused of the assassination were soldiers of the ‘Sever’ battalion, considered the personal guardhouse of the Chechen leader. “They are people who are part of structures in which it is necessary to be loyal to the direct superior and the head of the Chechen republic. To think that they acted of their own will – concludes Cerkasov – is nothing short of science fiction”.

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Who is Ramzan Kadyrov, Putin’s iron ally – World

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