Yellow on Putin’s speech, announced and then postponed to this morning

AGI – The Russian President Vladimir Putin’s speech to the nation was postponed until Wednesday. Sky News reports it two and a half hours before the scheduled time, 19:00 Italian on Tuesday 20 September.

Announcements of the postponement of Putin’s speech to this morning also appeared on the Telegram profiles of other pro-Kremlin bloggers.

According to the Guardian, which cites the Russian media, the televised speech was rescheduled at 8:00 am Moscow time, 7:00 am in Italy.

Forbes Russia, citing two sources in the Kremlin administration, said the speech will be broadcast “when the Far East wakes up”. It is not clear why the speech was postponed. Analysts speculated that Putin may also announce a partial mobilization in Russia.

It is plausible that the theme of President Putin’s speech is the convening of a referendum for unification with Russia in the areas of Ukraine occupied by Moscow troops.

The annexation of the Donetsk, Lugansk and Kherson regions and part of the Zaporizhzhia Oblast would mark a significant escalation in the conflict, as further attempts by Kiev to recapture the occupied areas could thus be hailed as attacks on Russian territory, allowing the Kremlin to justify a general mobilization.

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    Sources close to Putin, speech postponed until tomorrow

    Russian President Vladimir Putin’s speech to the nation has been postponed until tomorrow. Sky News reports it two and a half hours before the scheduled time, 19:00 Italian. Sky News quotes a former close adviser to the Russian president, Serghei Markov, a political scientist who made the announcement of the postponement on his official Telegram channel.
    The news, adds the British broadcaster, seems to be confirmed by a brief statement published by the editor of the Russian state media RT, Margarita Simonyan, who would have simply written on Telegram: “Go to sleep”.

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    Macron: “The invasion of Ukraine is a return to the age of imperialism”

    The invasion of Ukraine is a “return to the age of imperialism and colonies”. This was stated by the French president, Emmanuel Macron, in his speech at the UN General Assembly.

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    Metsola: “Fake referendums will not change the EU line”

    “To be clear: no bogus referendum will change Europe’s position on Ukraine and its territorial integrity. Nor will the fact that Russia invaded sovereign Ukraine. Europe is with Ukraine.” Thus the president of the European Parliament, Roberta Metsola, in a tweet.

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    Moscow to Paris: “The supply of arms to Ukraine is unacceptable”

    AGI – The Russian Deputy Foreign Minister, Alexander Grouchko, has summoned the French ambassador to Moscow, Pierre Levy, to complain about the “unacceptable” supply of arms to Ukraine by Paris. He reports it in a statement. “The emphasis was placed on the unacceptable nature of Ukraine’s continued supply of Western weapons, including French ones,” reads the note, which accuses Kiev of using these weapons to “bomb civilian facilities and infrastructure, including the nuclear power plant of Zaporizhia “.

    Grushko also insisted on the “need to lift the illegal sanctions against Russian producers of cereals and fertilizers and to remove all obstacles to the supply of markets in developing countries in order to avoid serious humanitarian consequences”.

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    Macron: “The referendums in the breakaway regions are a parody”

    Tuesday’s referendums in four breakaway regions of Ukraine are a “parody” and “will have no legal consequences”. This was said by the French president, Emmanuel Macron, on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly.

    “I think it’s a parody of what Russia has announced. The only thing that exists is the war decided by Russia, the resistance of Ukraine and the end of the war we want “, added the French president.

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    Ukraine, a 27-year-old Italian-Dutch foreign fighter died

    A 27-year-old Dutch-Italian foreign fighter died in Ukraine, where he had been fighting with the forces of Kiev since last spring. As we learn, Benjamin Giorgio Galli, originally from Varese, had moved with his family to the Netherlands before enlisting.

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    Stoltenberg: “Fictitious referendums do not change the nature of war”

    “Fictitious referendums have no legitimacy and do not change the nature of Russia’s aggressive war against Ukraine.” This was stated by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg.

    The announcement of the referendum in the Ukrainian areas occupied by Russian forces instead represents “a further escalation in Putin’s war. The international community must condemn this blatant violation of international law and strengthen support for Ukraine, “Stoltenberg added.

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    Kiev: “With the referendum closed every window of opportunity”

    The calling of a referendum for the annexation of the occupied Ukrainian territories to Russia closes any remaining window of dialogue for a diplomatic solution to the conflict. The spokesman of the presidential office in Kiev, Serghiy Nykyforov, told the Ukrainian newspaper “Without the referendums, there is still a slight chance of a diplomatic solution”, said the spokesman, “after the referendums, no”.

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    Scholz: “We will not recognize the outcome of the referendums in the occupied regions”

    Germany will not recognize the results of the referendums on unification with Russia called in the Ukrainian regions occupied by Moscow troops. The German Chancellor, Olaf Scholz, told reporters on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly, reports Ria Novosti.

    “Russia must withdraw its troops. Ukraine has the right to defend the country’s integrity and sovereignty. In this we support Ukraine “, said Scholz,” in this regard, it is clear that this pantomime of a referendum cannot be recognized “.

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    White House: “We will not recognize the annexation of Ukrainian territories to Russia”

    The White House denounced the “farce” referendums announced by Moscow in the occupied areas of Ukraine. “We will never recognize the annexation of Ukrainian territories to Russia,” National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan warned in a press briefing.

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